TOP-5 the Most Dangerous House Renovation You Should Never Repeat

26 March 2018

It has become the order of the day for people to remodel their old homes to look like the modern ones. Style has been changing rapidly in the last few years and everyone wants to live in a house that tally with the current style. This is true because most of the renovations are about look and not utility. However, below are some of the renovations you should not embark on in the house.

Renovating the Bone of the House

The number one renovation you should not make in your house is anything that alters the bone of the house. Now, each home has an original architectural plan. While you are mixing and incorporating different styles and designs from different milieus and cultures, you should not forget to allow the bone remain as it is. Any renovation that tampers with the bone of the house will be catastrophic in the future.

Renovating To Achieve a Particular Theme

On many occasions, you will see people try to make sure that everything in the home rhymes. This starts with the pattern, to the colour, and to the design. This is one fun killer that will harm the house in the future when the other patterns and colours become the order of the day. Because of this, it is always good to mix styles, metals, colours, themes, and many other designs in the bid to create a unique personality that will last many eras.

Remodelling Without a Designer

This is actually one of the biggest house renovation mistakes you should not repeat, or your house will have a dangerous future. Now, before you can remodel anything in your house, you should use the services of an architect and a designer. You may also need a general contractor as well. If you fail to use a designer, you will end up coming up with something that will not be aesthetically pleasing to you and other people. The solution you will achieve without a designer will also not be as durable as what you would achieve with one. It is the designer that will offer the artistic perspective, with results that will come out unique and interesting to give a perfect balance. It serves as a compliment to the original architectural style of the home.


Plumbing Repairs by Self

Now, one thing that is obvious is that water will always find the way out if it exists. That is why a very fine house could be damaged by the very smallest leak. You may incur losses in thousands of dollars just because you tried to do some plumbing renovation work by yourself. Now, when you brag about your do-it-yourself prowess, make sure you avoid the plumbing sector of the house until you become a professional in it. In fact, you should not think of modifying your plumbing system or to extend the water lines and reroute the sewer pipelines. These should not be tried, to avoid huge damages in the future.

Don’t Renovate Anything Electrical

You see, we have talked about the plumbing aspect. While that place shouldn’t tamper, the electrical aspect of the house needs no renovation. If it is bad, then it should be checked out by a professional. If not, a total disconnection and reconnection of everything must be done. There is nothing like renovation or remodelling in this angle without consequences. The worst of it all would be trying to do this yourself when you are not an expert. It won’t only cause huge damages in the future; it may even cost you your life immediately.



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