Top 6 Benefits of Permeable Paving You Must Know

11 April 2019

Permeable Paving

 Taking care of the environment is essential especially amid the depletion of the underground water storages. Waters levels are going really low and the heat effect of global warming is causing more problems. With the rise of urbanization and roads being built over the earth, the quantity of water that actually seeps into the ground is very low and that not only it affects the trees but also the humans as the low levels of underground water causes depletion in wells. The solution to this problem is the usage of permeable paving. Talking more about these permeable pavement systems, the first thing that needs to be understood is what you mean by permeable paving. By definition, these are porous surfaces laid over the earth which works both as a pavement for you to walk and benefits the ground by allowing extra precipitation to seep into the soil. 

What are the Benefits of Permeable Paving? 

Apart from being eco-friendly, this permeable paving does offer beauty for the homeowners adding a different kind of elegance and definition to your garden walks or pathways. These permeable paving are made of concrete pavers that are joined by tiny pebbles instead of being a strip of hard concrete over the ground. The pebbles allow the water to sink in the soil. Here are more of its benefits:

  • The first and foremost point is the easy installation of the permeable paving and can be done by the DIY lover. It does not require any specialized types of machinery not labors because it does not involve any heavy lifting. You can opt for a temporary installation or choose the permanent one. By permanent, it does not mean that you will cause any blockage of the ground, rather the process is similar to asphalt installation hence the rocks from the base and the permeable paving grids are placed accordingly.
  • Durability is another advantage of permeable paving. Once the grids are filled for a more permanent structure, these pavements are as durable as concrete pavements and provide the same range of functionality whether it is supporting a heavy load or seeing constant traffic. Again, the added benefit, as compared to asphalt and concrete, permeable paving is more adaptive to changes of the soil before affecting the surface and hence not buckling.
  • Price is essential and the permeable paving offers low-cost high-efficiency functions. You can do it on your own and it does not require any special skills or equipment. It produces simple and durable results that benefit nature too. The low costs are also influenced by the usage of recycled materials.
  • We already saw how the permanent system works and helps, but the temporary permeable paving to has its appeal. Whether it is to provide a temporary parking space or creating a seasonal look for your garden and the installation process is simple. You do not need to clear out any space, just place it over a reasonable flat surface and fill it up. You can just as easily remove it after the work is over.
  • Since all the extra water is getting drained in the soil, permeable paving helps you do away with the addition of costly storm drainages systems which also requires permits and regular maintenances.
  • This system is also effective against soil erosion. Simply place the permeable paving over the areas which are at higher risk of soil erosion and stop worrying.

Be it ecological or economical, the permeable paving is a great fit for everything. Permeable Paving versatile placing option and easy maintenance  make it the ideal choice for conscious dweller.

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