Top 7 Advantages of 3D Floor Plan Design

10 September 2019

     The 3D floor plan allows actionable insights into the best way to optimize the space available inside the house. With the expressive and comprehensive plans, you can realistically use the interior space while shifting to a new apartment or while changing the interiors of the current home. You can use the available space as per your choice.

With the 3D home plan, you can engage in ideation and creation of visual data based on which you can materialize the actual plan in a hassle-free manner. The 3D layout of the house helps you visualize how to design the various aspects of your home in an optimal manner. Even when listing a home for rent or sale, conversion of design to 3D can bring in more qualified leads.

Advantages of 3D floor plan

1) Accurate and comprehensive plans

Floor plans are more credible than photos because they definitively portray the space. Without even visiting the place in person, a prospective buyer can perceive the usage of space through high-resolution plans and blueprints.

2) Helps in clear visualization of space

Sales can be boosted and allow buyers to spatially visualize the space and size. Listings with no home floor plan receive comparatively less inquiries.

3) Facilitates comprehension of spatial dimensions

A prospective buyer can analyze the space from his/ her perspective. If the house has steps, it may not be suitable for someone who is physically handicapped and cannot move up the steps. If small children are present, the nursery has to be closer to the bedroom so that parents can keep an eye on toddlers. Spatial dynamics can be perceived best with 3d floor plan designs.

4) Important Features can be showcased

Images are useful for showcasing the house exteriors and garden area. But, for getting a feel of the actual layout of the interiors and space flow, the 3D design is needed. After understanding if space can be managed inefficient manner, the buyer would think of purchasing the property. Also, other features which are important for the property like swimming pools can be highlighted.

5) The floor area can be determined with ease

The property’s carpet area and size can be easily comprehended with the design drawn to scale. Without visiting the property, a prospective buyer can understand if s/he will get value for investment. Real estate marketing becomes easier with 3D home design.

6) Realistic Idea of the project can be formed

While constructing an apartment or during extending the structure, you can always rely on the Floor plan conversions for the accurate depiction of the property’s final layout. The shape and size of the room, placement of doors and windows, color and texture of the floor can all be determined. If the client disproved a design, the elements within the 3D layout can be repositioned for getting a fresh look.

7) Gives a comprehensive view

3D rendering coupled with virtual staging and visual walkthrough allows you to visualize the floor from all different angles. You can actually move through space or watch a 360 degrees panorama. This way more customers would be attracted.


The 3D house plan allows creation and modification of designs in an impressive manner so that customers can visualize the space in an accurate and realistic way. The visualization technology and rendering software offer cost-competitive solutions to create efficient plans with little time and lesser efforts. Architects too can figure out flaws in the design in digital mode itself. This prevents costly reworks and also increases productivity. Cost calculation for actual building can also be efficiently done. Floor plan conversions allow modification of conventional blueprints into 3D rendered plans.

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