The top autumn furniture trends you won’t want to miss this season

26 February 2024

Keeping up with the latest interior design trends can be equal parts tiring and expensive. What is a TikTok fad and what is a trend truly worth investing in? As we enter autumn, the desire to update our home space is stronger than ever, but there are only a few furniture aesthetics that need to be on our radar this autumn.

From darker wood statement pieces to a more low-key take on the mob wife aesthetic for the home, Luxo Living shares its top autumn furniture highlights for the season.


Welcome the old with the new, and bring a cosy and timeless feel to a home with the ‘Grandpa-core’ lookbook.

This recently trending decades-old style sees chunky knitted throws paired with leather furniture and antique pieces donned in gingham. Bring a nod of nostalgia to a space with the Cassian 6 Seater PU Leather Sofa Set, for instance, and dress it up with a few retro pillows or place it next to an antique bookshelf.

Mob wife aesthetic

This micro trend has emerged for those looking to live out their best Mob Wife fantasy and get a bit garish with their home décor. This niche look isn’t for everyone, but a few subtle statement pieces giving a nod to that ‘extra’ aesthetic might be the change that makes a home feel a little more exciting this season.

The Delilah 30cm Mother of Pearl Inlay Plinth can be styled with other standout pieces or make a statement of its own. It can be used it as a side table or a pillar in the middle of the dining table.

Dark wood furniture

Bring a touch of warmth to a space as the weather cools down with this autumn trend. Chocolatey dark wood furniture gained popularity in 2023, and it continues into this year as we embrace the vintage cosiness it brings to a space.

The Novia Extendable Entertainment Unit can be styled with lighter décor to give a modern look or keep it dark for a moody vibe.

Curved silhouettes  

Curved silhouettes have begun to dominate contemporary trends in fashion, design and architecture. Fashionistas are embracing flowing lines and rounded shapes, from flared skirts to structured blazers with rounded shoulders, and this craze is now extending to our homes.

For this trend, try using the Celyn 1 Seater Velvet Upholstered Sofa Chair, which features soft curves promoting comfort and relaxation, but has a unique mid-century modern feel.

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