Trendy Blinds Design for your 2022 Home

19 March 2022

The use of blinds has slowly inched its way to mainstream usage in many houses, especially in Australia. Due to its most popular service, a simple windows add-on that shades your interiors from harsh sunlight without the hassle of hanging and cleaning curtains. These window coverings are convenient accessories you can install to help you regulate sunlight, heat and provide the privacy and comfort you desire inside your house.

Blinds design for Australian Homes

There are many kinds of blinds available for use. However, like any other window accessory, some designs are more popular than others. Australia is a place with extreme environments, and homes must use the right accessories to counter these weather variations. 

Cordless blinds

One of the new blind designs is the cordless ones, which makes it safer for kids. There are a lot of incidences where cords become a hazard for small kids. By removing the cables, you can avoid the clutter of hanging cords. Cordless ones are much more elegant in look and look nice even in corporate offices and halls. 

Curtains and blinds

One of the trending designs is a combination of curtains and blinds. This puts together the flowing design of curtains and the rigid patterns provided by the window blinds. Though many would find this a bit of a hassle, as curtains require washing and cleaning, it is still a nice look to achieve, especially in areas of the house such as your living room or bedroom. 

Plantation shutters

These types of blinds and shutters had a steady rise in popularity in the country, especially in urban areas. Shutters are window covers that provide a semi-cover to protect your interior from excessive sunlight and provide privacy from the outside. Plantation shutters originated from the plantation era of the industrial age, where wooden shutters with slats are the typical way of covering your windows.


As listed in, one of the popular blind designs you can use on your windows is rollers. A roller blind is a type of window cover where a cord is pulled for raising or lowering. Rollers are good for small windows, just make sure to clean dust and grime regularly. 


One of the most famous types of blinds is the Venetian design which has slats that pivots to allow the desired amount of light inside the room. It is typically used for offices or behind permanent glass windows that aren’t regularly opened. Venetians require regular cleaning to remove dust that may build up in the corners of the slats. However, despite the cleaning hassle, Venetian blinds are among the most famous blinds type in the world.  

Wood blinds

In most cases, we are familiar with blinds with slats made of plastic, but wooden ones are a thing to behold. The rustic look of wood has an elegant and cooler look inside your rooms. Also, wood can absorb heat and help in keeping your interiors cool during the summer months. 


Another innovation in the window accessories department are slats oriented vertically instead of horizontal. Verticals slide sideways and work well with glass doors on porches and patios. These are advisable for spacious living rooms and rooms and are often used for receptions and other similar events. 

With so many benefits, it’s not hard to understand why so many Aussies are jumping on board and giving their homes an upgrade with plantation shutters. The Shutters Quickly range has something for everyone, so give us call now to find out what will suit your needs best.