Turning Your Shed into an Artspace

21 November 2017

Turn your shed into an artspace so you can finally get a dedicated place to create your finest work.


Are you a professional artist, or simply like to paint in your spare time? You may find yourself needing a dedicated space to create. A spare room inside your home might seem like the answer, but keep in mind that things will get messy. So we recommend turning your shed or workshop space into the ultimate artwork studio so you can create masterpieces in your own backyard.

Transforming your garden shed into your own artspace just might be the perfect solution for any aspiring artist. You can make as much mess as you like, contain it behind closed doors and you’ll have your own little hideout to go to whenever creativity strikes.

To transform your shed into your very own artspace, here are a few things to think about.

How much space will you need?

Consider how much space you’ll need for creating your art, and how much space you already have. This will vary depending on your style of painting. If your specialty is in small portraits, you won’t need the same amount of space as someone who creates large landscape paintings. No matter your creative style, you will want to have enough room to be comfortable and productive. If you find your current space is too small, have a look at EasyShed’s wide range of steel sheds, with a variety of sizes and colours, you will find the perfect space for your art.

How do you plan to use your space?

Plan out how you’re going to use your space. Think about how you will lay things out while creating, and how easily you will need to be able to pack your finished artwork and delicate supplies away to a more appropriate place when done. We do not recommend storing your artwork or delicate supplies in your art shed as they are susceptible to condensation and temperature extremes.

Also, consider the furniture that you’ll need for your art shed. The wonderful thing about an artspace is that you know that things will get messy so you don’t need to invest in brand new furniture. Repurpose your old furniture, or get your work desk, your chair and shelving at a yard sale since you know they’re going to be splattered with paint anyway.

Will you be comfortable and creative?

Comfort is essential if you want to be able to use and enjoy your art studio during the varying Australian seasons. Consider having electricity and insulation to help control the climate in your artspace, and to help you stay productive.

Check with your local council before running electricity to your shed, and be sure to hire a certified electrician to complete the job.

For insulation, try using thin micro-perforated wall wraps or a foil ‘bubble’ style insulation and securing them to the walls and roof of your dedicated art shed.

In addition, make sure that you have a solid and level flooring so you can easily move your equipment and artwork around. Smooth out any uneven surfaces to ensure you don’t stumble while working!

Make it your own!

Our final tip is to decorate the space in your own unique style. Be that using artwork, materials, furniture, mirrors etc. create a place where you’ll always feel inspired and focused on creating beautiful art