Types Of Flooring Materials To Consider For Your House

31 March 2023

Floor materials

 If you are looking for some of the best flooring ideas for your new house, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be discussing about some of the different types of flooring that you can consider for your house.

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The Various Types Of Flooring Materials To Consider 

Here is a list of the various flooring materials that you need to consider for your house:

#1 Laminate Flooring  

The material is another engineered product, which uses a photo of wood on top and then adds a plastic protective form of coverage on the top.


This material of flooring is going to be extremely beneficial as they are super resistant to dents and scratches, which laminates one of the most durable materials to consider for flooring. It is also not an expensive material as it frequently comes with a DIY floor coating system.

#2 Vinyl Flooring  

This type of flooring is also called a resilient type of flooring. Vinyl is also considered as one of the fastest-growing categories of flooring. There are different types of vinyl flooring available as well - expensive, DIY-friendly, high-definition printed images.


The entry-level form of vinyl sheets comes at a very affordable price. All types of vinyl flooring are known to resist stains as well. They are also dent, scratch, and waterproof which makes them ideal as a type of flooring meant for bathrooms and basements.

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#3 Tile Flooring  

There are two primary types of tile flooring: porcelain and ceramic. The latter is made up of a mixture of sand and water, making the material very soft and easily affordable. The former is actually made from a much denser form of clay and then fired at very high temperatures so, which results in a very less porous and harder texture.


Tile floors are known to have a classic look about them and are also available in various design and color configurations - ranging from large format tiles to mosaics. All these tiles need very low maintenance and are waterproof in nature as well.

#4 Linoleum Flooring  

This is a form of a natural form of flooring that is usually made from wood products and linseed oil. Just like vinyl, it is also sold in sheets or tiles. This form of flooring also generally tends to be more sophisticated in terms of aesthetics. They are really ideal to be put as flooring for the bathroom, gym, and kitchenette area.


This flooring material has a sustainable appeal to it which is a great promotional factor that contributes to more selling. It also has a certain retro charm and uniqueness about it. The latest versions of this type of flooring come in various other shapes and styling.

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#5 Concrete Flooring  

Concrete is a basic building material that has been seized by high-end builders since time immemorial. A poured in form of concrete floor can usually be expected in color gray or with dyes. It is known to take a different form of surface treatments as well - from rubber-stamp stencils to acid stains.


Apart from their uniqueness, they are also known to be very durable and easy when it comes to maintain. The material is also known to conduct heat very well, so they are a great option if someone is considering radiant heating.

#6 Stone Flooring  

Stone is considered to be another type of ageless flooring material that always will be known to add value to your home. There are three types of stones available out there that are used for flooring purposes - Limestone, Granite, or even Marble and Slate.


Stone flooring is known to have a lot of character, as no two stones are ever the same. It is also a very durable material that is known to tolerate heavy traffic and also fade under an intense form of sunlight. It also keeps allergens and dust at bay.

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#7 Cork Flooring  

Cork flooring is a type of niche flooring material which is renewable as well. This material is derived by harvesting from the bark of cork trees. They have a wide range in quality as well. It would be best if you choose a good source or dealer to get this type of flooring.


A major pro of choosing this type of material is its airy and light quality which makes it one of the most comfortable flooring materials for a house. It is also very water resistant in nature and is known to not become slippery when wet - making this material very suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding types of flooring that you should consider for deciding on flooring for your new house. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.


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