The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist That Saves You From Humongous Bills

12 October 2020


Your home is a reflection of you. 

As your safe place to seek solace from the outer world, it does need maintenance from time to time. 

Instead of waiting for things to go haywire, why not be preemptive in your approach? 

Why not take care of stuff before they break down?

This is what home maintenance is all about. 

Regular checks not only save you from making emergency calls to the technicians but also ensure you and your family are safe. 

Not to mention how expensive it can get to have repairs done at the last moment. 

Your chimney, central heating, water pipes- everything in your home needs maintenance. 

It can get pretty overwhelming when you think about it. 

But don’t worry, you have got it all under control with this ultimate home maintenance checklist.

  1. Home maintenance during summers

Ah, the summers! 

Temperatures are high, precipitation is low, and the sun is ablaze. 

Summers is the right time to do all intensive repairs around your home. 

Start at the onset of summers when working outside is comfortable. 

It also helps prepare your home for the extreme heat in the coming months

  • Test your smoke detectors. Replace batteries if required
  • Paint the exterior. You can choose from a selection of cooling paints
  • Pay attention to your outside deck. Repair if needed
  • Check your AC. Get it serviced annually if you don’t want to have sleepless nights in peak summers. Change the AC filter.
  • Dust ceiling fans. Check them for efficiency and safety
  • Your wood fences need a sealant. Make sure you wash them before applying
  • Empty the sediments from your water heater
  • Clean window wells

      2. Home maintenance during winters

You can like or dislike winters. 

But the cold season demands you make appropriate home maintenance checks. 

Or else, you will be left with piling bills. 

This harsh season is all about damage control. 

Low temperature and sunlight won’t leave you with much to do in the peak winter months.

So, start off now!

  • Make sure your ladder is safe and secure
  • Check the drainage and gutters. Winters can bring rainfall and you don’t want to be stuck with clogged waters, especially when it is already freezing chilly!
  • Test the sump pump to make sure it is working properly
  • Check your dryer vents and clear them of all debris
  • Seal leaky windows and doors. Check the lower roof for ice dams
  • Clean your basement, garage, and spare room. This is the perfect time to clean indoor spaces
  • Keep checking your electrical service drop. Call the electrical company if there is anything hanging on your electrical line
  • Bleed your radiators

     3. Home maintenance during spring

The beautiful and vibrant spring is here! 

Your mood is great, so why not use this opportunity to clear all the mess made by the winter? 

Warm breeze and the big bright sun are already there to cheer you up. 

Get done with the following chores quickly and then you can bask in all the glory of the spring-sunshine.

  • Examine your roof shingles. Repair or replace damaged or missing shingles
  • Clean drains and gutters
  • Fill low areas in the yard with compacted soil. This safeguards the foundation of your house from damage, in case spring rain causes flood in your yard
  • Clean window screens. Replace damaged ones
  • Check trees in and around your house. Trim trees that have a chance of depositing their branches on your home.
  • Set ceiling fans for the vanes to rotate in a counter clockwise direction. This will keep your room cool.
  • Get a professional to inspect and clean the chimney flue. Check the exteriors of the chimney for damage
  • Check brickwork for spalling. Popped away or chipped faces of bricks pave way for the crumbling of the interior. This happens due to the moisture reaching the interior parts of bricks.

    4. Home maintenance during fall

Fall gives us time to prepare for the coming winters. 

This is the perfect time to do all major repairs in your home. 

Shorter days, freezing temperature, and snow would halt this for you in winters. 

With right maintenance checks during the fall, you can minimize the damage inflicted by winter storms and snow.

  • Pour water down the sump pit. Keep pouring till the sump pump turns on. If it doesn’t check the batteries and call an expert.
  • Install storm windows and remove window screens
  • Winterize your central air conditioning
  • Get your furnace serviced by a professional
  • Clean the chimney and examine it for any damage
  • Protect exterior faucets and hose bibs with foam covers
  • Set ceiling fans for vanes to rotate in a clockwise direction. This will keep your room warm by distributing the warm air collecting near the ceiling
  • Use a lightweight rake to clear leaves and debris from your garden. Having too many fall leaves on the ground, during the winters, can negatively impact the spring growth. Especially if you live in an area where it snows heavily.

Hope this season-wise home maintenance checklist helps you keep your home in the best condition.


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