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APR 16
It is very important to hire a professional as there may be a chance of asbestos on site, and you need to ensure the proper removal is conducted to safely remove and dispose of toxic materials.
More information about the history of asbestos and why it’s so dangerous can be found here
If you want more information about the history of asbestos and why it’s so dangerous, you can check out this article here: <a href="">Asbestos Removal Perth</a> As asbestos still exists in homes, while doing renovations you do want to ensure you don’t inhale any asbestos fibres, as this causes serious health risks. Removal of asbestos should only be undertaken by an asbestos and demolition professional.
MAR 13
This is a great article! It’s really important that if asbestos is suspected in your house or commercial building, that only a professional asbestos removal company is employed to safely remove 100% of the damaging fibres.
During a demolition project there are certainly a lot of materials that can be salvaged and recycled, including: brick, concrete, metals and timber.
DEC 20
Sometimes it is easier to just demolish and start again so you can make the most of your land and resources.