Vertical blinds that blend in with exterior elements

07 October 2020

Window curtains can be the last thing you would think of when decorating a home or redesigning an office.


Choosing the right ones makes the difference between bland and interesting. Homeowners may consider them the last item when sprucing up an interior space, but professional decorators know that the right window treatments can make or break the look, so they are careful when choosing blinds. Although window treatments are technically on the back burner, they can complement or ruin the look of your interior design as they provide a backdrop for the entire space.


This is why choosing the right blinds for your environment is important. If you have glass walls, sliding doors, or bay windows, you can choose vertical blinds. The slats, often referred to as shutters, hang vertically from a top rail and are often wider than those of Venetian blinds.


Vertical blinds are the best way to go places that go back to patios or gardens that connect to that particular indoor location. They can simply be separated to give access to the outside and let in as much light as possible ... bringing the garden into the room! Or they could be closed for insulation and cover.


Providing thermal insulation in the cold months and sun protection in the warmer months, its construction differs from Venetian blinds in that they are suspended from a rail, rather than supported by a horizontal strap. This gives custom vertical blinds much wider use, as they can be hung over doors, French doors, sliding doors and paneling, as well as windows.


Vertical blinds can be hung from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. This makes it an incredibly stylish solution for any home or decor. Plus, its clean, minimal look, when paired with the right color and graphics, can be the unique detail an office or home needs to turn it from boring to beautiful.


Quite easy to maintain and clean; a quick vacuum cleaner every now and then is enough.


Vertical blinds are available in various materials, textures, colors, sizes, and graphic designs. A neat and clean background is an option for an interior decoration already `` busy '' with other details. However, a bold color or vertical toned print works well with settings that are themselves simple and straightforward. This makes vertical shades a profitable strategy in any interior design endeavor, because by simply changing the slats according to the season, homeowners can transform their interior décor to their personal taste without spending a lot of money.

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