Vibrating Windows: 5 Reasons This is Happening

06 January 2021

Do you have vibrating or rattling windows and are wondering what is causing the issue? Aside from being extremely annoying, a vibrating also means that there’s something wrong with the window which needs your attention. When your windows rattle, a loose frame or loosened glass pane is usually the main culprit. If you’ve noticed your rattling windows, below are 5 tips to help you correct the issue.



Loose Sash

Your window sash may get damaged because of two reasons: it has aged, or the bad weather caused the damage. When it’s damaged, the sash may not properly fit, causing the rattling sound, especially when there are strong winds and repairing or replacing them will be necessary.

You can find instructions for fixing a loose sash by going here

Loose Glass

This is probably the most common reason for a vibrating window. Check the glass - is it loose? If it is, you need to use caulk. This will safely secure the glass keeping it airtight, so there’ll no more be rattling. Check for cracks and ensure that all cracks are caulked up. Once it’s done, clean up the excess caulk material with a washcloth soaked in white vinegar.

Click here for detailed video showing how to caulk a window.

Repair Rotten Parts

Damaged windows with rotting wooden parts such as sills will often cause vibration. Repairing or replacing the parts is usually the only way to get the problem fixed. It's important to make sure your windows are installed correct by professionals from the start to avoid issues appearing down the track. Additionally, any damaged parts should be repaired quickly since windows which are not well cared for will lead to more costly window repairs or a full window replacement. Without proper care, the window’s parts may rot over time, causing damage, deterioration, and causing the frame’s shape to change. If you have a window that’s made of wood, you’ll often notice that the timber starts to either become too loose or too tight, causing the vibrating issue. Make sure that you replace all rotten wooden parts and make sure that all the damage has been taken care of before finishing it off with a good paint job.

Click Here for Detailed video showing how to repair rotten window frames


Weather-stripping is a simple solution for vibrating windows. This makes sure that all the gaps are properly sealed and are airtight, preventing the vibration of different window parts. When your windows are secure and all the parts fit properly in place, there will be no vibrations.

Click here for details instructions to apply weather stripping for windows

Replace Worn or Damaged Strike Plates

In some windows such as sliding windows, there is a catch and strike plate which keeps the windows secured when they’re closed. If any of these parts become damaged or loose, it will make the window vibrate. Make sure that the strike plate is warped or worn out and replace the parts if necessary.

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