Vision blinds's blog - 2020

AWC supplies good Twin Blinds online in Melbourne with complete range of blinds collection including Roller Blinds, Screen and Translucent for day and night use.Twin blinds are a unique window solution and allows you to combine two contrasting fabrics in one shade for one window.

Learn more about honeycomb blinds at home decor     by   Vision blinds

11 July 2020

Choosing proper window treatments can be a daunting and difficult task for any of us. Not only must they match your existing decor, but the blinds must also be safe, functional, and easy to use while staying on budget...

The many beneficial elements of vertical blinds     by   Vision blinds

27 June 2020

For those lucky enough to own their own home, window treatments can help them with their décor. However, vertical blinds are often considered a necessity, but little attention is paid to them. Vertical blinds, in addition to protecting from the sun, add decoration to your home...

Why choose Plantation shutters for your outdoor home style?     by   Vision blinds

29 May 2020

Plantation shutters are just one style of blind that people buy, but when people think of blinds, the name "Plantation" often comes to mind. Why? Because they are a classic. So what is it? The plantation shutters have a mobile shutter that allows the shutters to open and close...

The advantages of plantation shutters interior décor in home     by   Vision blinds

24 April 2020

Windows are an important aspect of home interior decoration. Some decorators have said that windows are the eyes of your home; not only for those who search your home, but also for you. With this in mind, how you choose to dress your windows is as important as the design of the window itself...

What are vertical blinds?     by   Vision blinds

01 April 2020

Vertical blinds are made in a variety of washable colors, patterns, and fabrics for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, patio doors, or patio doors. Window blinds hang freely from their tracking mechanism and can, therefore, be made from fabrics, screens or rigid PVC...

Associate Roman blinds inside your home decor     by   Vision blinds

26 February 2020

Each house reflects the personality of its owner. The decoration and design of a house should be done sincerely and correctly to reflect a perfect image of you. Do you realize how we take planning to decorate our homes seriously?...

The many advantages of vertical blinds     by   Vision blinds

07 February 2020

Vertical blinds were considered one of those necessary things that we don't really think about too much. This is something that prevents the entry of the sun while adding decoration to your home. Many are surprised to learn that the vertical blind offers additional advantages...

Optimizing the Premises with Window Coverings on Summer     by   Vision blinds

29 January 2020

During summer we enable the house to be cool with several appliances like electric goods like A/C in the home, but we can approach for a more greenery or natural option say like window coverings with varied methods and frequently used plantation shutters, honeycomb blinds or cellular blinds, roman b...