Vision blinds's blog - Dec 2020

AWC supplies good Twin Blinds online in Melbourne with complete range of blinds collection including Roller Blinds, Screen and Translucent for day and night use.Twin blinds are a unique window solution and allows you to combine two contrasting fabrics in one shade for one window.

Decorative and functional plantation shutters - a great addition to any home     by   Vision blinds

31 December 2020

In the field of interior design, it is very unusual to find something that is not only aesthetic but also extremely functional. However, plantation shutters are one of those products that succeed in both...

How to choose vertical blinds for our homes     by   Vision blinds

25 December 2020

Interior design is a very broad creative field that we should all take the time to explore. When it comes to creating the perfect home for our families with a touch of each member's personality, there are many lamps and home accessories available on the market that can help us achieve this...

Cautionary Considerations with Vertical Shades     by   Vision blinds

17 December 2020

Your DIY project can suddenly and unexpectedly be put on hold when you are choosing your vertical blinds. A dazzling variety of fabrics and colors awaits you at the vertical blind store! With all of these options, it can seem impossible to make the right decision about your new vertical shades...

Renovation with plantation shutters     by   Vision blinds

10 December 2020

A great way to update your current blinds is to invest in plantation shutters. Whether you are looking to sell your home or just make some improvements, these shutters are popular additions to any home. They are installed inside the house. Plantation shutters adjust to let light in or block it out...

What are plantation shutters and are they suitable for my home?     by   Vision blinds

03 December 2020

Plantation shutters can give your home a rustic elegance. These shutters fit into a sturdy interior frame to make a design statement in addition to being functional...