Vision blinds's blog - Jun 2021

AWC supplies good Twin Blinds online in Melbourne with complete range of blinds collection including Roller Blinds, Screen and Translucent for day and night use.Twin blinds are a unique window solution and allows you to combine two contrasting fabrics in one shade for one window.

Dress up windows with plantation shutters     by   Vision blinds

24 June 2021

To give windows a more finished and polished look in the house, it is a good idea to install siding such as plantation shutters, Venetian blinds or Roman shades. They all add to the decor of the room and provide a level of privacy as well as protection from sunlight...

Benefits of Roman blinds in Your Home     by   Vision blinds

17 June 2021

Roman blinds are more practical and cheaper than curtains. It is also light and less bulky than conventional curtains. There are also different styles, colors, patterns and materials that you can choose from to complement the style and playfulness of your home or room...

General Guide to Roman blinds     by   Vision blinds

10 June 2021

Traditional Roman blinds are such that when they lay flat when open, they fold up when closed. But the recent lame crease design of Roman shades preserves shades creases even when they are open...

Combine Roman blinds with the Interior of Your Home     by   Vision blinds

03 June 2021

Each house reflects the personality of its owner. Decorating and designing a home should be done sincerely and in a proper way to reflect a perfect image of you. See how we take planning seriously when it comes to decorating our homes?...