Want to know why a Wet Room is considered to be a Great Bathroom Option? Read on!

13 October 2018

First things first, what is a wet room? Wet rooms basically indicate bathrooms, which have floors and walls that are tanked. This means that the floors and walls of such bathrooms are covered with a waterproof membrane so as to prevent water from seeping out. This reduces the chances of any kind of damage; and hence, wet rooms are increasingly becoming popular each passing day.

These rooms are generally equipped with a sloping floor, so that excess water is guided towards a drain and finally into the wastewater system of the house. The installation that’s seen most commonly in wet rooms is a shower. You can even find glass screens in some washrooms that separate the shower space from the rest of the bathroom. This is quite convenient, especially if you are not interested in having a wet and soggy toilet seat. So, for an exquisite and designer wet room and shower space, you need to hire the best wet room specialists in London. Apex Tilers offer professional yet friendly services in this field. They provide exceptional installations and fittings for a high-quality finish, but with low maintenance.

Reasons why it’s great to have a wet room in the house:

Wet rooms are designed and curated in such a way, that they provide an ultimate modern and luxurious showering experience. There are companies who offer their affordable yet skilled workmanship to deliver top quality results. You can even purchase durable, beautiful, and waterproof tiles for your wet room. Just contact one of the best tiling contractors in essex, and you are sorted. But why shall you build wet rooms in the first place? Well, we are about to tell you why!

  • Accessibility: Though, this is not always kept in mind while deciding on having a wet room, these are perfect for people who like to move around. These rooms are also efficient for people who have movement restrictions such as the elderly, disabled etc. These are highly accessible, because with a shower tray not needed, reaching the shower is much easier.
  • Adds value: Well, in technical terms, you are waterproofing that area of the house, which is most prone to leakages and consequent damages. This benefits the overall property, and avoids the occurrence of damped walls etc. There’s a central drain which channels all of the excess water. Such picture perfect bathrooms improve the quality of your property, especially when you go on to sell it in the future.
  • Improves usage of space: A wet room is a saviour when it comes to small bathrooms. If you don’t necessarily need a bath, you can just install a shower, and set up a wet room. There’s no need for bulkier, space consuming fixtures when you can have your super pretty and cosy shower space.
  • Easy maintenance: One of the biggest benefits of installing a wet room is that the cleaning process is nothing but a piece of cake. It’s super easy to maintain, and you need simple bathroom cleaners and disinfectants to keep the mould and mildew away.
  • Designer look: Depending upon the contractor you choose, wet rooms can tend to look the most stylish space of the house. It certainly adds a wow factor to any bathroom. You can style it minimally yet beautifully, with the use of different materials such as wood, stone, concrete etc.

These were the main reasons why you should consider having a wet room in the house. You can get yours designed to something that will suit your tastes and that of the house. You can even make it your own pretty and private space for all those self-contemplating sessions. That does sound cool, doesn’t it?

Sarah Williams is a freelance writer. She loves to write blogs.