Ways to Keep Your upholstery Free From Dust Mites Without Using Chemicals

02 August 2018

The microscopic entities – dust mites live inside soft furnishings at your home. The feed on dead cells shed from animals and the human body. A smaller population of them does not cause much harm. However, when the population exceeds the safe levels, their large number is problematic. Moreover, their droppings are one of the most common causes of allergy and asthma. About 81% of asthma patients are suffering from asthma because of dust mites in the United States. Their complete removal is usually difficult. Since their presence over certain things such as upholstery can be quite problematic, you must keep such things free from dust times. Using various methods, you can definitely control their population on your upholstery.

Have a look at some of the important methods-

Lower the Humidity and Temperature

Humidity levels below 50% make the environment too dry for dust mites. They cannot withstand this level. Therefore, reduce the humidity level below 50% at your home. Moreover, try to maintain the temperature at your home between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature range, the dust mites are usually easy to be under control.

Maintain a Regular Cleanliness

Regularly, try to remove the dust from the furnishings and upholstery at home. The cleanliness action when performed thoroughly, will be a great step towards maintaining an under control level of dust mites on your precious upholstery.

Freeze Them

Since at times it gets difficult to wash the upholstery items prone to dust mites at your home, it is best to lower the temperature. The dust mites cannot bear very low temperature. Hence, they will die at this freezing temperature.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

The fine powder made from the skeletons of diatoms is also used to get rid of dust mites. Diatoms are the tiny creatures that are found in aquatic environments. The powder of their shells has sharp edges that do not harm humans but the sharp edges are devastating for small mites including dust mites. After leaving the powder overnight, vacuum it.

Embrace Simplicity

The simpler your upholstery is, the less the things are available to dust mites where they can feed and reside. For example, reducing the number of ornamental cushions greatly reduces the dust mites. Replacing the fabric items e.g. fabric headboards by wooden ones will also reduce the hiding places for dust mites.

Decreasing the Houseplants Number

People have a tendency of decorating their drawing rooms with houseplants. The ornamental plants near upholstery can quickly deposit a layer of dust on themselves. This dust will become a place for dust mites. If you reduce the number of plants at your home, you will remove one habitat of dust mites and hence their population can be controlled this way.

Use Essential Oils Spray

There are many sprays available in the market for dust mites. But they are an expensive option. Moreover, they contain a lot of chemicals in them which in turn can be harmful to the health of your family and you. A good alternative solution is to make your own spray by using natural oils effective against dust mites. Tea tree oil is effective against killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also exerts its effective action in killing dust mites. Eucalyptus oil is another good option to kill dust mites.

Vacuum Smart

Try to vacuum your upholstery once or twice a week. Wet vacuuming is usually more effective for removal of dust mites. Vacuum those areas particularly that gather more dust.

Invest in Allergen-proof Fabric Covers

Try to buy allergen-proof upholstery covers, cushion covers, and pillow covers. These covers do not let dust mites reach you. Hence they act as a barrier between you and dust mites. A study finds that using the allergen-proof fabric covers greatly reduces the asthma complications.

Be Careful – Pet Owners

The hairs on pets are a good harboring place for dust mites. The dander of produce is a food to dust mites. Therefore try to keep the pets out of the surfaces that can harbor the dust mites. As the dust mites from pets can start to invade those surfaces.

If you follow the ways stated above, if not a complete removal, they will definitely help you in drastically reducing the population of dust mites!

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

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