What Are the Best Window Coverings for Heat Control?

01 July 2021

There is nothing as hot as the Australian summer sun! Summer is the time when the heat gets unbearable and you crank up the air conditioning in your home to stay cool, but of course that doesn’t help you when the electricity bills come right? This is why you need to be ready to battle the heat that the summer months bring, and try to save on energy bills at the same time, with some energy efficient and heat controlling window treatments. 

When searching for the ideal window treatments there are many options available in the market, and it is always good to keep in mind what your specific requirements are. Light and privacy control are essential of course, as are aesthetics, but you should also consider the additional requirements you need, such as heat control, because the type of blind you select will depend on all these. 

Here are some window covering options to go for that are great at controlling the heat in your home: 

Honeycomb Blinds – Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia are one of the best insulating window coverings that you can buy. Sure, they are a little expensive, but with these blinds, you can save a lot on energy bills. The honeycomb like design of the blind, helps to trap heat and prevents it from coming into the house, and it creates a block between the window and the room so that the cool air from the air conditioning doesn’t flow out. Honeycomb blinds, or Cellular blinds as they are also known as, are not only good for hot summer months, but are ideal for the winter as well, as it keeps the house warm during the cold months and helps you save on heating bills, which can be quite high during this time. So, it is an all-season window covering which is very versatile and can be made in many colours and fabrics to suit your existing interior. 

Drapes – Drapes made from opaque fabrics are a very traditional and popular choice when it comes to beating the summer heat. Since drapes cover the window from top to bottom and for the full width, there is very little room for cool air to escape out and for hot air to travel inside the room, hence they are a good choice during hot summer months. You can even get the drapes lined with a blackout fabric or UV resistant fabric in order to get even more protection from the heat and light. 

Day & Night Roller Blinds – Another good option for controlling the heat and light are Day and Night Roller Blinds, or Zebra Blinds. They come with alternating strips made from blackout fabric and sheer fabric, so if you want total darkness and absolute heat control, then you can control the blind so that the blackout strips are visible, if you want more light open them to the sheer fabric strips. 

Plantation Shutters – Plantation Shutters are certainly one of the more charming and elegant types of window coverings around that also serve the purpose of protecting you from the hot summer sun. These PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney are made to fit exactly to the window frame, so there is no room for any air to travel in or out when the shutters are closed, hence they provide greater insulation and thus are able to control the heat that comes into a room. 

Solar Shades – Exterior solar shades made from UV protected materials are fixed to the outside of the windows and provides greater control of heat, as these materials are heat reflective. The heat in a room increases when the glass gets heated up, hence these shades prevent the window from getting hot and thereby controls the heat coming into the room. 

Roman Blinds – These blinds are able to cover the full window thereby protecting the room from the heat, and if they are made of blackout or UV protection fabrics, then all the better. 

You can always speak to your supplier of window coverings and get their opinion on what is the best option for you to beat the summer heat and save on energy bills at the same time, whether it is Honeycomb Blinds or PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney. Let them know what your budget is as well, so that they can work around it and offer you with the best possible solution.