What are plantation shutters and are they suitable for my home?

03 December 2020

Plantation shutters can give your home a rustic elegance. These shutters fit into a sturdy interior frame to make a design statement in addition to being functional. They get their name from the plantation houses of the early to the mid-19th century in the Caribbean and the southern United States; In a hot and humid climate, before the introduction of glass in the windows, the shutters could be opened to allow fresh air and ventilation and closed completely in case of bad weather. Now they are usually paired with glass windows and are more open to light and an unobstructed view than fresh air. Not sure if plantation shutters are right for your space? Consider the aesthetics and atmosphere you hope to create.

 How plantation shutters work

 Plantation shutters are traditionally wooden slats mounted on a wooden frame, although composite and artificial materials are now available. Unlike drapes or hanging curtains, plantation shutters are a permanent part of the window. The slats are opened and closed by a rod in the middle of the shutter. Modern versions often have hinges and segments, so they can be folded away from the window to allow a clear view. They can cover the entire window or just part of the glass to add privacy and light control. Most of these shutters are rectangular, but custom shutters can be created for round or triangular windows as required.

 Plantation shutters benefits

 These shutters give a certain aura to space. Depending on how you paint or stain them, they can look classy, ​​rustic, vintage, or classy. When installed without additional window cloth treatments, its clean lines can help a room feel sleek and modern. But they have advantages beyond aesthetics. Shutters can help your home's energy efficiency by preventing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home when closed properly. They are also ideal for light control; You can close them at night to avoid being awakened by the sun and open them during the day to let in the desired amount of sun. If you open the window further, you can let the fresh air flow through your plantation shutters without compromising your privacy. Finally, for allergy sufferers, these shutters are easy to clean and attract less dust than fabric curtains.


 Plantation shutters are not ideal for all windows, and your home's design and décor may not go well with plantation shutters. Also, they are more expensive to install than horizontal or vertical blinds or fabric window shades, especially if you add them to a custom-shaped window or use a quality stain wood. However, if properly maintained, your shutters will last virtually forever and increase the value of your home. They are unlikely to go out of style as they are quite versatile and can be repainted or refreshed to reflect changing tastes. Plus, you can lower the cost by choosing composite wood over hardwood for your plantation shutters. Composite wood shutters may also work better in damp rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

 If your windows are the eyes of the world in your home, your curtains are your eyelids and eyelashes. You want a window covering that is functional and beautiful, and for many people, plantation shutters will fit that project. Call a window contractor or interior designer to discuss the look you want and learn more about your options.

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