What Is Roof Repointing In Melbourne And It’s Reaping Benefits

07 September 2020

Roof Repointing in Melbourne is the essential task of removing old and damaged joints on your roof and replacing or repairing them. Some of the common reasons for need of repointing include harsh weather conditions, wear & tear of the roof over a period of time, damage due to insects, birds and more. Roof maintenance like repointing and re-bedding are very important tasks. These tasks can help keep the building in good condition and avoid any dampness from appearing on the ceiling. 

In fact, regular maintenance is vital to increase the life of your building and keeps maintenance costs low since unlike roof repointing cost, the cost for repairs can be quite expensive.   This article goes on to explain what is involved in roof maintenance especially repointing and the benefits of regular maintenance. 

Common Signs Roof May Need Roof Bedding and Pointing 

Roof repointing in Melbourne involves several common tasks like repairing broken, cracked and damaged mortar or cement. Home maintenance isn't something that homeowners would be involved on a regular basis hence it is important to know when it is time for repairs. Some of the common signs that your roof requires this type of maintenance work are listed here: 

  • If the roof is over 20 years old it is due for some maintenance work which includes repointing and re-bedding. 
  • Over a period of time, the roof will then look rusty and show its age. Homeowners can be involved in regular washing and cleaning to prevent this. However, at times there is no alternative to good repair work to avoid unexpected leaks and growth of mould or algae. 
  • One of the obvious signs that the roof needs attention is the sun shining through the cracks and holes in the roof. 
  • If a quick inspection of the roof leads to you spotting loose and wobbly tiles; it is a sure sign that your roof requires proper attention. The failure to repair your roof might result in you having to replace it altogether. 
  • A large sag in the rooftop might mean there is structural damage like rotting in the structure. 
  • Iron sheets can get corroded and corrugated over time which too would require proper attention. 
  • In the case where there are cracks on the roof it might lead to falling of mortar which is a sign that the roof requires attention. 
  • Missing or loose shingles and issues with gutters or nails also suggest your roof requires a close inspection or repair. 

Benefits of Roof Repointing 

There are many benefits of taking advantage of the professional roof pointing service. Periodic roof maintenance is essential; this also includes the roof since it is one of the most important parts of your house. Here are the benefits of roof repointing: 

  • It protects your house against the growth of mould and damage from water. 
  • Broken mortar and cracked or damaged mortar would lead to leaks and moisture issues if not dealt with. 
  • It can help prevent water and moisture from entering the house thus, preventing the growth of algae or mold and also provide a healthier environment. It helps prevent common medical conditions like asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, etc. 
  • Mould removal can be quite expensive and time-consuming which can be prevented by routine maintenance. 
  • Moisture can lead to rotting of wood and there exists a tie risk of the ceiling collapsing. 
  • One of the common issues of ignoring the need for maintenance includes flooding which could be a major disaster. Flooding can greatly weaken the structural integrity of a property especially if the water seeps into the basement. 
  • Broken or cracked mortar can also lead to shifting of the tiles with the risk of it falling on anyone passing by.