Why are they called "Plantation" shutters?

15 May 2018

Are you planning to buy new window coverings for your home? If so, know that there are many options in the market. You can choose between standard blinds or a variety of blinds. A particular product that has been very popular among owners and contractors is the blinds of the plantations. What exactly are these and how did they get their name? The history of these shutters is interesting, so here is some basic knowledge about how they became and why you might want to consider buying them in other types.

The origin of plantation shutters

Before discussing the history of the components of the plantation, it should be borne in mind that there is a key difference between its design and that of traditional shutters. The latter have slanted slats that are becoming narrower and are generally found in homes that have their roots in the New England region of the country. The architectural style changes as we move south, while its plantation counterparts were introduced by Spaniards who had lived on large plantations in the early years of the nation, hence its name. Traditionally they have larger blinds, but the current manufacturers manufacture them in all shapes and sizes. When shopping, be sure to think about how you want the separation rail (the part that separates the blinds) to be designed, as it can also be completely customized to suit your personal style preferences.

 How do plantations shutters work?

The main advantage of installing interior planting shutters and one of the main reasons why they have historically been located in tropical and warm climates is that they promote the maximization of air flow in a room. The wider splints allow plenty of room for air and light. Before the advent of electricity and climate control, people had to rely on these devices to keep their homes cool. This explains why those who live in the northern regions (climates subject to colder temperatures and rainfall) built their houses with narrow slatted windows. Another important distinction of plantation shutters is that they are often placed on hinges, which allows them to open fully and fold. In addition, today's blinds can be custom-made to fit any size or window shape, so do not worry if those in your home are erratic.

Plantation shutters are functional, elegant and can add value to your home. Be sure to research your style options and take the time to find a company that can adapt your needs.

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