01 February 2020

The basis for health and well-being, as well as the basis for vital energy, is what the body takes from the external environment. To be healthy, you must drink, eat and breathe. A few millennia ago, Oriental medicine and the science of a healthy body and soul examined all these components in a complex manner and attached equal importance to them. Western doctors are only today beginning to realize the importance of all these components. Initially, people followed food hygiene, then - drinking hygiene, and, only recently, people began to realize the importance of air hygiene.

It is worth recognizing that our airways and lungs are not an easy door that opens the way to the body, and the most important system of life. Everything that we breathe is automatically absorbed into the bloodstream and affects the whole body and well-being. The lungs, like the intestines, have their own microflora and immune system. This is a vital human organ. But, for some reason, people look with disgust at spoiled and tasteless food, do not drink sour compote, wash their hands from childhood, before sitting at the table, while no one thinks about what they inhale. Few people use air cleaning equipment. Just think how much dirt and harmful bacteria you pass through your lungs.


Many consider the air to be void because it is not visible. But this is not so; it is a chemical compound of different elements.

Types of pollution that get into the air:

  • Foreign gases and odors. This also applies to toxins, carcinogens and exhausts.
  • Solid particles of dust, soot, allergens, pollen, smoke. Microbes, viruses, and bacteria also enter the air.

In order to fully clarify the situation, let's compare the air with soup. Basis: compound of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide. These components are like drinking water, from which soup will be brewed. Gas and a variety of smells are seasonings. They can be useful, but can also be harmful to health. Solid elements are “thick” (cereals, potatoes). Microbes are a fly or wasp that hits your plate. Therefore, if you want to drink a glass of water, you do not drink water with sand, soot, flies, you drink clean, filtered water. The same situation with air. The cleanliness of the air of a modern metropolis is not much different from the dirt of boots after rainy or dusty asphalt. However, you let it into your lungs every day, which means into your bloodstream. Why not consider buying an air purifier. Read our best review of air purifiers at the 10reviews.


If you breathe in a lot of dust, pollen, plant spores or mold, you overload the respiratory system, which can lead to cancer, asthma, or allergies. But, solid particles are not as dangerous as small ones. They cannot be delayed by simple purification filters or bronchi. These particles directly enter the lungs, and then the blood. The result is blood clots, heart disease. In addition, particles entering the body absorb harmful substances, which, when released into the blood, develop toxins, which damage the blood vessels and lead to intoxication of the body. Fortunately, there are special filters that can protect against small particles.

Infections that enter the air and from there directly into the lungs can cause tuberculosis, flu, and other ailments. It is worth noting that according to studies of the World Health Organization, infections can be not only indoors, but also on the street. Infected clouds fly in the air, which are located at a distance of one kilometer above ground level.


What is stuffiness? This is a complex term, a kind of personal feeling. As a rule, a person is stuffy in enclosed spaces, the percentage of carbon dioxide, temperature and high humidity increase there. In such rooms, as a rule, there is no air purifier and ventilation. Sometimes stuffiness is not tied to clean air. For example, it may be fresh while the air conditioner is operating. The latter reduces the temperature and dries the air, and as a result, the concentration of carbon dioxide rises, and the percentage of oxygen decreases. In this case, you will feel sluggish, do not get enough sleep, wake up with pain in the head area and may become infected with the infections that multiply inside the air conditioner.

An air purifier is vital for every person who is worried about their health, because they create fresh, oxygenated and purified from the main types of contaminants and infections indoor air. When the air is clean, creating the necessary humidity and temperature in the room will not be a problem.



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