Why is a New Home Inspection in Sydney Essential

24 April 2020

Building inspections that could be any property or new home inspections give you informative and decisive opinion about the physical condition of the building. This advice prevents you from extra costs and problems you might face after buying it. Besides personal inspection, you can also arrange a house inspection agent who will ensure whether you should buy the property or not. As a buyer, you can also ask for the house inspection reports which have been previously prepared. 

This building inspection report is a written document related to the present condition of the building or property. It normally includes significant defects or problems such as movements of the wall, cracking, a faulty roof, and rising damp. This inspection report is prepared before the signing of a mutual sale contract between the parties to locate any damage or maintenance that can be costly. The details, scale, format, and cost totally depends on the type of property, procedures, and processes involved in the report development by consultant or organization.

Why do I need a pre-purchase building inspection report?

Following some advantages are summarized for a better understanding of the preparation of building inspection reports.

  • It provides advanced knowledge of problems and damages in the present condition.

  • On the basis of the inspection report, an attractive and reasonable price can be negotiated because a certain amount needs to be specified for repair and maintenance. 

  • A property specialist can give you advice about how the defects and problems mentioned in the report can affect the building over time.

Choosing the right person to inspect the property

A suitable and qualified person recognized from the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) such as a builder, agriculture, and a surveyor should be hired for the preparation of a building inspection report. These qualified professionals would look for any cosmetic or temporary improvements to hide the faults and defects which could be otherwise overlooked by an untrained person. 

Who pays for building inspections?

As a mandatory and essential document, the cost attached to the preparation of a planned inspection report for buildings and property is predetermined and discussed in the contract. So you should always check and confirm the terms related to the cost related to report development. Normally the cost of an inspection varies from state to state and area where the building is located. The building inspectors working in metropolitan areas will charge generally more than those operating in small and regional areas. 

How long does it take for report preparation?

A pre-purchase building inspection report normally takes one to three hours. In the case of work burden, the companies or organizations require a few days advance notice prior to building inspection. Once the inspector has assessed the building completely, he would be able to write his findings.

As they operate nationally conducting and preparing thousands of pre-purchase building inspection services every now and then, they are able to perform an inspection on any type of property despite structure, site, and dimension.