Why Two Dwellings are Better Than One?

16 January 2019

Duplex homes are by law classified as a dual occupancy meaning, “two dwellings on one title, either attached or detached”. They are different to having a secondary dwelling or granny flat situated at the back of a property.

Attached dual occupancy means 2 dwellings on one lot of land that are attached to each other, but does not include a secondary dwelling.

Detached dual occupancy means 2 detached dwellings on one lot of land, but does not include a secondary dwelling.

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Why should you build a duplex?

If you currently have a knock-down rebuild and want to build two new dwellings, or want to build a new dwelling behind an existing one or two new dwellings on a vacant block of land you won’t go wrong with a duplex.

Duplex homes are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to maximise their income, downsize their current home or increase the value of their property. In addition,a duplex home can often be subdivided whereas, a secondary dwelling or granny flat cannot. Once a dual occupancy is subdivided, one or both of the dwellings can be sold, reducing debt levels.

There are many benefits to having a dual occupancy such as:

Increasing value of property - with building a duplex for example, there is potential to increase your property up to 40% and if a dual occupancy subdivision can be achieved there is potential for properties to double in value.

Additional source of income - supplementary to regular salaries, the rental income of a 4-bedroom duplex in some suburbs of Sydney can mean up to $1400 in rent per week.

Minimise risk - risks will decrease with dual occupancy because if there are two properties, the risk of both being vacant is low.

Reduce cost of development - this can be achieved by selling one side of the dual occupancy.

Affordability - duplexes are a great way to start off with and  save money. If you can’t afford to buy a luxury home right away, duplexes are great to set you up financially to upgrade in the future.

Freedom - with a duplex you have the choice to either, rent or sell both sides, or live in one and rent or sell the other side.

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At we Build Australia we have a team of expert builders who specialise in duplex homes who will be able to guide you throughout the process from council approvals right through to the final product. Our years of experience as Sydney homebuilders mean that we understand the requirements of local councils for double storey house projects. With this knowledge, we guarantee an easy and prompt process of ensuring that your house plans are approved so that we can build your dream duplex home in no time.