Why You Need an Electrician for Home Renovation?

04 May 2022

Renovating a home is a thrilling notion that inspires even the least handy among us to give it a go. While excitement is important for a remodel, caution is required when analysing your DIY capabilities for the larger projects in your makeover. While it's tempting to save money by doing as much as possible yourself, there are some tasks that require the services of a certified residential electrician for home renovation in order to meet safety and regulatory requirements. 

During your house renovation, an electrician will do the following tasks:

1.      Installation of New Wiring

An electrician will stay up to date with local compliance regulations to ensure that your wiring is safe for years to come, from replacing existing copper wires to installing new wires for more lighting, automation technologies, underfloor heating, and home theatre systems.

2.      Upgrades and Installations of Electrical Panels

Electrical panels may need to be installed or changed if you plan to install new appliances such as dryers, spa baths, or dishwashers as part of your remodelling. This ensures that your home is set up to handle increased electricity.

3.      Installations of New Appliances

Installing new and modern appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, televisions, security systems, and home automation is a popular part of house renovations. An electrician is required for these types of jobs that require wiring to power the equipment.

4.      Upgrades and Installations of Lighting

Upgraded lighting may really make a kitchen or bathroom stand out if you're planning a renovation. A skilled electrician for the home renovation will make sure the new lights are properly wired and that circuits are improved if necessary. Keep in mind that bathroom renovations in apartments frequently require strata clearance, so double-check ahead of time.

5.      Heating and Air Conditioning

If you opt to install ducted or split air conditioners as part of your home remodelling, an electrician will verify that the wiring and circuits are installed correctly so that your home can withstand the added electrical load. To avoid any harmful issues or legal charges, leave everything from hot water systems to ceiling fans to a trained electrician.

We usually advocate starting a renovation with your electrician so that all electrical activities can be coordinated with other contractors. Any jobs that entail rewiring or modifying your circuit board will necessitate the assistance of a professional, like:

1.      Make a plan for your project:

If your home is historically listed or the wiring is more than 20 years old, you'll need to hire a qualified electrician to rewire it. It's a good idea to include your local electrician early in your restoration project so that they can schedule your needs and provide advice on what work should be done when and at what stage.

2.      Home rewiring:

When you renovate your home, you're likely to re-evaluate your power needs. Older homes were created to fulfil the needs of the families who lived there at the time. To avoid any accidents, remember to turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker before working on anything electrical in your home.

3.      House Automation:

Given the current demand for connectivity, your Sydney electrician may recommend additional modifications to improve the connectivity of your newly renovated home. When it comes to home automation, your local electrician is an important member of your team.

4.      Hazard prevention:

Different types of wiring might be found in older properties. Because of the age of this wire and how it was manufactured, it is usually a good idea to have your local electrical professional inspect older homes before making any adjustments.


While it is admirable to strive to learn to accomplish things on your own, one should be conscious of the consequences if things go wrong. Even though you might be willing to save a few bucks while taking care of the electric remodelling of the house, it's not wrong. But it might prove dangerous if not handled properly. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the technicians. It's also sometimes advisable to let the professionals handle it.