Why You Should Consider Solar Panels On The Sunshine Coast

14 October 2020

Solar solutions are gaining popularity day-by-day. Especially in a country like Australia, where it's always sunny and bright. People prefer to switch to solar solutions as it has few advantages that allow you to save money while helping the environment.

Sunshine Coast is one of the sunniest states of Australia. Solar panels on Sunshine coast are the most common and it isn't even surprising. What better way to produce energy than from the sun? 

If you haven't already switched to solar yet, here are a few benefits of opting for Solar panels. 

1. Better for Environment 

Solar solution is one of the ways to power your house while benefiting the environment. Since electricity is made from direct sunlight rather than burned fossils, there is no greenhouse gas emission. Sunlight being renewable energy will never run out. On the other end, it is likely that in the future we all may have the chances of coal and various gases to run out. Take the advantage of staying at a place where there is plenty of sunshine. 

2. A Money Saver 

There will be a drastic fall on your electricity bill as most of the time during the day you will be consuming solar energy. Although the savings will be totally dependent on your electricity and heat usage. 

3. Low Maintenance

Since Australian made solar panels are usually connected to the grids, the maintenance is generally very low. You can opt for a few occasional cleaning by a licensed electrical contractor. Your solar panel should last around 25 years. There is a chance that within this 25 years time span, your inverter might need a replacement. But after covering the actual cost of the solar system, you can expect very little spending on maintenance. 

4. Multiple Applications

Solar panels serve diverse functions. It can be used to generate electricity or heat. They are also considered to produce electricity across the area without an energy grid, can distill water for limited water access areas. 

Now let’s move on to what you need to consider before installing a solar panel on your roof. 

1. Mounting System 

Sunshine coasts have solar panels that are usually fixed to the roof in either a mounting position or a tilted manner. This system is made of aluminum with stainless steel hardware which is designed to accept a variety of solar panels on different roof types. It is advisable to invest in a strong and well-structured mounting system as they can withstand any weather conditions. 

2. The Size of Your System 

Solar panels are rated on the bases of the number of watts produced per hour. Online tools are your helping guide if you wish to know what size of system you may need. 

3. Avoid Shading 

The amount of electricity produced by the solar system is directly related to the sunlight your PV panels might receive. Avoid shading the PV panels, to generate maximum energy. 

4. Durability of System

Investors, fuses, and isolators are the key component of your solar panels that are likely to experience a failure. The durability of your system will completely depend on the warranty provided by the manufacturer of that solar panel. Hence, it's advisable to understand the information written in the warranty card to avoid confusion. 

No matter where you live, the chances are that you can successfully use solar panels for your electrical needs and that too in your budget.

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