Winter maintenance

01 June 2018

Temperatures are beginning to fall and today marks the first official day of winter for Australians, the season where home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off become apparent.

From leaking ceilings and poorly performing hot water systems to draughts caused by inadequate sealing on windows, winter is a time when the comfort of our homes can really be impacted if proper maintenance isn’t undertaken.  

Below are some quick and easy precautions to take to ensure you stay warm and dry during these months, and your home remains energy efficient.

Hot water inspection

There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm shower on a cold day so it’s a good idea to get a licensed plumber in to inspect your hot water system. Regardless of whether your system is solar, electric or gas, it needs to be regularly checked to ensure it’s in good condition and to optimise its efficiency and longevity.

Check for gaps

Draughts from gaps in windows and doors don’t just create a chill in your home, they can also increase the cost of your energy bills. In fact, these draughts can add up to 25% to your heating bills, according to the Australian Government.

To prevent this you can purchase draught stoppers for front and back doors, while sealant can be used to fill gaps around windows. To check whether there are gaps in your windows take a lit candle and run it along the edges, if the flame blows towards you then there is a draught. 

Clean gutters and check roof

One of the most common winter maintenance tips is to clear gutters of leaves and debris to prevent water runoff down walls or leaks in the ceiling. While you’re clearing out your gutter make sure you also check the health of your roof to ensure there are no cracks, holes or gaps. Not only can holes cause heat to escape and leaks to occur, they can also be used by birds and other animals as a way into your ceiling to build a nest.

Add layers for warmth

Just like when you dress in layers for extra warmth in winter, layers can be added in your home to keep heat in and create a cozy atmosphere. Rugs for wood, tile and concrete floors, roller blinds, curtains, mattress toppers, throws and cushions can all help to keep your home warm while also making it more inviting.

Any tips you do every year that you’d like to tell us about? Let us know in the comments below.


As the editor of BUILD I have a keen interest in sustainable housing and new technologies.