5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Skirting Board Profiles

06 December 2022

Skirting board profiles are an excellent method to update your house and add some opulent design to your kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, and anywhere else you have a few plain and dull walls. However, choosing which skirting boards to put around your home can be challenging and intimidating, given the vast range of profile options available. Nevertheless, you can select the ideal skirting boards for your home using this guide's helpful advice and suggestions.

The design

It is advised that homeowners begin their search for the best skirting boards by examining their design. For the baseboards to compliment the flooring, furniture, and other items in the rooms, the style you choose must reflect the interior décor of your home. In most cases, homeowners can choose between conventional and modern skirting boards. Modern dwellings, which are purely plain, are the most acceptable candidates for these types. However, be careful not to combine two different traditional designs or current interior designs with vintage skirting.

The Material

Baseboards construction material is crucial because it affects how they look and how long they last. For instance, MDF (medium-density fiberboard) skirting board has gained popularity recently because of its durability, simple appearance, and reasonable cost. The best feature of MDF models is their moisture resistance, which significantly lowers the possibility of warping. Because of this, you may use these baseboards in the kitchen and bathroom without worrying about how moisture would affect their quality.

MDF skirting board profiles also place minor demands on installation and maintenance. However, when armed with softwood and hardwood, these models are surprisingly cost-effective due to their low care requirements and reasonable price.

The Type of Room

Which skirting boards you purchase will depend on the room they are for in the long run. For instance, you'll want skirting boards that complement the rest of your décor if you're purchasing them for your living room. On the other hand, a skirting board profile that is painted white would look good in any house and go with a range of decors. However, the substance is more crucial than the color when choosing a skirting board for a bathroom or kitchen because it must be waterproof.


Carefully consider the size of your skirting boards. Your skirting board ought to accomplish its objective. The skirting board must first protect the paint and walls. Your walls are protected from harm in this way. Skirting board profiles are also crucial to enhancing your home's appeal. As a result, size is essential. Therefore, be careful that your skirting boards are not too small or large since this may alter how your home seems. As a result, make sure the skirting boards are appealing.


Depending on the finish they choose, homeowners may need to spend some time painting these components. For example, white skirting board profiles don't need to be painted, but if you want another color, you must paint the boards. Some people leave this task to expert painters' hands because these elements require delicate painting. Living rooms and kitchens are more suited for light colors since they give the spaces a feeling of spaciousness. Dark colors, however, are more prevalent in bedrooms, home offices, and hallways.


When choosing the ideal skirting board profiles for your house, there are many things to consider. However, there is no doubt that you will be able to find the skirting boards for your property.