8 Signs That You May Have A Gas Leak

27 February 2023

Do you think your home may have a gas leak? If so,  finding "professional gas plumbers near me" on google is important to take action immediately as the hazardous conditions can bring about fatal repercussions. 

Gas leaks in a home can cause serious safety hazards and should be dealt with quickly. Gas leaks occur when an appliance or plumbing system is not correctly installed or maintained, resulting in toxic gases being released into the air within your house.

While many people are aware of what to do if they smell a gas leak, few people are aware of the symptoms indicating one might exist before it's too late. In this article, we will provide you with 8 common signs that could indicate that your home is suffering from a potential gas leak and investigate how you should respond accordingly to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from further damage.

  • Strange smells

 Natural gas is odourless, but utility companies add a sulphur-like odour to help detect leaks. If you smell a rotten egg or sulphur-like odour, it may indicate a gas leak.

  • Hissing sound

If you hear a hissing sound near a gas appliance or pipe, it may indicate a gas leak. Gas moving through a pipe or escaping from an appliance can create a hissing noise.

  • Dead or dying plants

A gas leak may cause plants and vegetation in the area to die. This is due to the toxic chemicals in the gas that can harm plant life.

  • Physical symptoms

Exposure to natural gas can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms, it may indicate a gas leak.

  • Pilot light issues

If the pilot light on your gas appliance keeps going out or is yellow instead of blue, it may indicate a gas leak. A gas leak can cause a change in the colour of the pilot light.

  • High gas bill

If you notice a sudden increase in your gas bill, it may indicate a gas leak. Gas leaks can cause your gas usage to increase, resulting in a higher bill.

  • White mist or fog

If you see a white mist or fog in the area of a gas appliance or pipe, it may indicate a gas leak. This is due to the gas escaping and interacting with moisture in the air.

  • Flames or sparks

If you see flames or sparks near a gas appliance or pipe, it may indicate a gas leak. Gas escaping from a pipe or appliance can ignite and cause a fire.

It's essential to seek the expertise of a professional and search for “qualified gas plumbers near me” immediately if you found a gas leak. It can be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. Gas plumbers are trained and equipped to handle gas leaks safely and efficiently. They will be able to locate and repair the source of the leak, ensuring that your home is safe from gas leaks.

Knowing these 8 common signs of a gas leak can help you identify and address the issue quickly before it escalates into something more dangerous. So, if you suspect a gas leak in your home, contact a qualified and experienced gas plumber right away.