All The Pros And Cons Of Free Standing Bath Tubs

02 December 2022


Do you love a long, hot, relaxing soak in the tub? You’re not alone! It’s well known that bath lovers are more relaxed, they sleep better, they have fewer aches and pains and have better skin – and a decent soak can even sweat out more calories than a walk around the block! A true bath lover may tell you to skip the standard choices and go the whole-hog for a grand free standing bath – because there’s no doubt that’s how the celebs soak up every second of a truly luxurious lie in the tub. But is a freestanding bath really all it’s cracked up to be for the rest of us?

To get the answer, we’re going to have to take a deep dive into the free standing bath tub and explore all of the pros and cons:


There’s no doubt they’re the trendiest and most eye-catching choice for your next Gold Coast bathroom renovation.

1. The look

Forget the practicality just for a moment, and let’s start with the obvious one: stand alone bathtubs simply look the best. If you want what the celebrities have, there’s no doubt that free standing tubs are the luxurious choice.

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