The Art of Colour Drenching

15 September 2023

The power of paint to transform a room remains unrivalled to this day. And while white ceilings and trim, with a contrasting or neutral colour on the walls, has served us well for many decades, Colour Drenching has recently been turning heads with the way it makes use of paint.  

Colour Drenching is the style in which every surface is painted the same colour, ceiling, walls, window/door trims and skirtings.  It can be a saturated colour, or a softer neutral.  The result is the same, the walls and architectural details recede, while the contents of the room play a more dominant role. 

The overall effect is that the room appears to be larger, while furniture, textiles and artwork become the hero.  Items such as carpets and rugs can be selected in similar hues to the wall colour – or in contrasting colours.  Pattern and texture also play key roles.

Wattyl is predicting that some consumers will find the idea of the same hue on all surfaces a little confronting, with some of us opting for tonal variations on a single hue, walls being painted in one colour, for example, while the ceiling would be in a slightly lighter tone, or the trims and door could be a deeper tone than the wall.  The in-store Wattyl colour cards provide ten tints and tones of a single hue, and have been designed to make it easier for consumers to create the colour drenched palette they prefer.

Colour Drenching delivers a whole new range of interior styling opportunities.  As seen above, walls and trims can be painted in one bold colour, while furnishings and decorative elements are in an analogous (neighbouring) hue on the colour wheel.  The result is a joyful, vibrant interior but one that is simultaneously relaxing.

While colour is a focus for Wattyl, sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact remain top priorities. Wattyl I.D. Advanced interior paint features an ultra-low VOC formula of less than 1g/L, one of the lowest VOC interior paints available, which results in greatly reduced carbon emissions during the manufacturing process and better indoor air quality post-painting.

Wattyl paints are available in a range of sheen levels, Matt, Low Sheen and Satin, with Wattyl I.D. Advanced, Ultra Low VOC interior paint and Wattyl Solagard exterior paint are two of the most popular paints in Australia.

Swatches and sample pots, together with cans of paint, for all colours from the new Colour By Wattyl Fandeck can be ordered online by going to

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