Common Signs That You Need To Call The Professionals For Roof Rebedding And Repointing

20 November 2020

Some of the common tasks that are necessary to ensure the house remains in good condition include taking care of the roof with jobs like re-point and re-bedding. The mortar in the brickwork, roof tiling, masonry, shingles, etc. tends to get damaged over a period of time. This is more so in places prone to storms and bad weather conditions. Some of the common issues include broken, cracked or damaged tiles and shingles. High-level moisture also is a big problem since it can result in a great deal of damage and make living conditions unhealthy as well. It is only when issues arise that homeowners or business owners tend to start searching for the best “roof company near me”.  Regular maintenance that includes re-bedding and re-pointing can help prevent several issues and also ensure it does not get out of hand.

Every house is built differently however, most of them will have roof tiles which are kept in place using cement mortar; this is also referred to as roof bedding. Besides keeping it in place, the professionals also adopt several techniques to protect the roof against rough weather like rain, hail, high winds, etc. This is done by placing a second layer over the roof bedding and is called roof pointing. The main purpose of the roof pointing is to seal the roof and protect it against moisture, water and dust. This article lists some of the common signs that suggest your roof requires re-bedding or re-pointing.

Common Signs that Suggest Need For Re-bedding and Re-pointing

Periodic roof maintenance is essential however, there are several signs suggest it is required as listed here:

  • For those with a roof that hasn’t had any maintenance work for over 20 years, it is necessary to contact the professionals for an inspection.
  • Sun shining through the cracks or holes of the roof is a clear sign that your roof is in desperate need of repair.
  • A rusty and worn out roof detected after close inspection, too imply the roof requires attention.
  • Loose or wobbly tiles and shingles that cannot be fixed with simple repair work require the expertise of the professionals to fix. In fact, such tiles and shingles pose a danger to the occupants and those around since there is a danger it might fall and injure someone.
  • The issue with the gutters can also lead to extensive damage of the roof which only increases the importance of periodic inspection by the experts. 

Trusting the Professional Roof Re-pointing Service to Fix your Roof

The task of roof maintenance is not a simple one. At times several homeowners do attempt it themselves however this is not advisable. In fact, re-bedding will usually involve working one's way around the edge and taking necessary precautions so they do not fall off. Places of business can call a commercial roof restoration service to ensure professional maintenance of the roof.

Roof maintenance of residential properties also requires special skills and is not something homeowners can fix with DIY technique. It involves a wide range of tasks like dealing with the presence of moss, dirt and condensed concrete dust and fixing those issues. It also includes finding all the loose tiles, checking for any other potential issues, and cleaning cavities. The roof protects the house from bad weather and provides shelter to the occupants; it also keeps our valuables safe. Hence the process of re-bedding & re-pointing needs to be a thorough job and hence is best left to the professionals like those at Crossy’s Roof Restoration.