Creating Your Dream Duplex: Top 4 Floor Plans for Perfect Design

30 March 2023

Duplexes are unique residential properties consisting of two separate homes that share a common wall, and their floor plans are typically designed in a specific way to optimize space and functionality. The duplexes can be separated into upper or lower levels, consisting of different floor plans. Twin or semi-detached houses appear side by side. You can get an overall multi-dimensional view with Lifesize Plans

Imagine or experience a real or live look of your duplex with a certain floor plan. It is complex for the homeowner to design a layout for a duplex alone, you can take the help of an experienced designer. After considering all the factors, they can suggest the best layout possible for your duplex. 

Layout plan for duplex

The duplex design is complex and requires various factor considerations and numerous possibilities to be identified. Duplexes are not a 50/50 split, as it depends on the house owner's will. There should only be a partition of two or a house with two storeys because more than two can be known as a multiplex. 

Most people consider side by side duplex layout for an even distribution of all the facilities. It has a proper appearance with different exit doors and doesn’t interfere with each other when getting in or out. Various types of floor plans work for duplexes with a successful implementation. 

In this article, you will learn about the popular and best duplex floor plans for your house. Keep reading this article to explore the popular architectural design or duplex floor plans. 

Floor plan for a small house

No matter the size of the house, you can still utilise all the space with a better floor plan. A clear or finished division plan creates enough personal space for a family or an individual. You can also provide one portion for renting and living with your family in the second portion of the duplex house. 

A convenient upstairs and downstairs with a living room, storage area, kitchen, and dining space with a patio can provide a comfortable space for living. You can utilise all the space of your duplex efficiently with a similar floor plan. 

Double-storey floor plan

A double-storey duplex design also provides the house with a perfect and modern outlook. It is spacious and provides an incredible opportunity for a classic standardised look. You can purposefully utilise every corner of the house with this floor plan. The plan presents every slot and ensures the best utilisation with separate spaces. 

Side-by-side modern duplex floor plan

The modern duplexes are considered side-by-side houses with distinct floor plans. Although it has split, they are not identical with different features. You can make your house extremely modern with the best features and separate space for a perfect ensuite. One space or block has comparatively additional features than the other one. Floor plan at affordable or cheaper prices

House Owners are searching for an affordable house floor plan with high-quality design and classic features. Innovative features can be attained with a perfect interior layout and functions. Consult the buyers agents who can suggest a house & floor plan with excellent features at an affordable price. 

A duplex floor plan is complex but can be completed successfully at a sustainable range with competitive designers. 


You can improve the quality of your vision through interior designers who understand the type of duplex and features you desire. Choose your architect or engineer wisely to mark every space and recognition factor precisely.