Different Types of Window Blinds and Their Benefits

17 May 2020

With the hot Australian summer and icy cool winters, everyone is looking for the best window coverings for their homes, and each home’s requirements are very different. There are many types of blinds and shutters in Sydney, but choosing one that is ideal for your requirement can be quite a dilemma. 

The options are numerous and add to that the decisions to be taken regarding the material of the frame, types of fabrics, colors, etc can be quite overwhelming. Most suppliers of blinds and shutters Sydney however, will be only too happy to help you out in making the right decision. 

As a heads up, here are some brief descriptions of the different types of blinds available in the market. 

Venetian Blinds – Venetian Blinds are a very popular and commonly used type of window covering and is available with most suppliers of blinds and shutters in Sydney. They are popular because they are very versatile, easy to maintain, and will give your windows a classic look. They are also very cost efficient, and can be made with aluminium, plastic or wood. Venetian blinds are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned by simply wiping regularly with a damp cloth.

Vertical Blinds – This type of blind is ideal for large windows or sliding doors, and are great for blocking out sunlight. They are generally very easy to install and maintain, making Vertical Blinds also a very popular choice among home owners. 

Roman Blinds – Roman Blinds are a very elegant type of blind, that exudes a certain classical charm to its surroundings. These blinds are very easy to operate, resulting in widespread use of this type of blinds and shutters in Sydney. Roman Blinds offer greater control in terms of letting the sunlight into the room. 

Honeycomb Blinds – Honeycomb blinds in Sydney are the best choice if you are looking at an option that offers greater insulation for your home. These blinds are so great at helping with insulation during both hot summers and cold winters, that they are considered to be a very eco-friendly type of blind, since they are great at reducing your energy bills. Honeycomb blinds Sydney are a very stylish addition to your home, and are ideal for odd shaped or non-standard shaped windows. 

Panel Blinds – Panel blinds and Panel Glides in Sydney are great for sliding doors or very large windows. They are a very space saving type of blind, since the large fabric panels slide together to allow light into the room, and when fully opened stack neatly at one end. They can be made out of different types of fabric depending on your specific requirement, such as sun screen, sheer, or even block out fabrics. Panel Glides in Sydney are very easy to clean and economical. 

Roller Blinds – Roller Blinds in Sydney consist of fabric that rolls up and pulls down, giving you greater control over light and view. They are fairly low cost, and very easy to install. Can be made from different types of fabric to suit your precise needs. 

Zebra Blinds – This type of blinds and shutters in Sydney give your home a very modern, clean and minimalist look. Zebra Blinds block out the light by using a zebra-like pattern of overlapping layers of fabric. They are very easy to operate, and rather low cost. 

If you are looking for blinds and shutters in Sydney for your home, always look at the different options first before deciding on the best choice for your home. The size and shape of the window, your existing décor, and of course your budget. However, one of the main deciders is your specific requirement, whether your main aim is to provide greater insulation for your home, to have more privacy, control the light, or purely for aesthetic purposes. 

Whatever your need, choose wisely when you are looking for blinds and shutters and Sydney.