Embrace the trend for accent walls with timber

25 June 2020

A timber finished dining area.

Accent walls are touted to be one of the biggest interior design trends this year.

While bold, colourful feature walls were an early 2000s trend, today's accent wall is all about tone and texture. With exposed brick already having made a comeback, designers are now turning to timber lining as a way of adding visual interest.

Boral Timber has some tips for using timber indoors, whether as a feature wall or throughout the home, to achieve a look that is both organic and elegant.

Vertical running timber creates the illusion of height.

Go vertical

When laid vertically, timber lining can create the illusion of height and grandeur, especially when fringing a design feature. A striking fireplace or large windows can be perfectly framed with timber lining, making them a focal point of a living space.

Minimal furnishings and a neutral design palette add a sense of loftiness to make the home feel even more elegant and spacious.

Exposed timber exudes warmth and style.

Keep it natural and sustainable

Showcase a modern twist on mid-century style using genuine timber lining. Exposed timber walls save time and money on painting and exude a warmth and style that no other surface can replicate. The natural character of Australian hardwood is perfect for making bedrooms feel cosy while adding a retro-inspired aesthetic.

As with all natural materials, it’s important to better understand the origin of the products being selected for any project.

A timber finished bathroom.

Mix and match textures

When designing spaces with minimal styling, consider a combination of textures to define each room. Timber lining provides a neutral backdrop that can be layered with other materials, such as black aluminium, glass and concrete, with great design effect.

Timber can even be used in the bathroom or laundry, away from direct exposure to running or pooling water, with appropriate finishes to seal and protect the surface from atmospheric moisture.