Here is a fantastic guide to why regular building inspections will protect your home

24 June 2021

Most of us work hard to save up our deposit and buy our homes, and they don't come cheap, so you want to ensure you are looking after them the best way you can. Regular building inspections save you a lot of heartache and money by giving your home a check-up and alerting you to any things that need fixing. Here is why you should have them done often at your place.

There are so many components that make up a home, and if even one of them is faulty, it can cause extensive damage. Sometimes they aren't noticeable to the untrained eye, and you have no idea that there is an issue until considerable damage has occurred. Having an annual building inspection is the most effective way to safeguard your investment. A building inspector can check for potential areas of concern and issues that may be happening out of sight and behind the walls.

What is a building inspector is looking for?

When your home is showing signs of wear or something such as a light switch is broken, you notice these things and you fix them accordingly. Often, significant issues in a home stem from small problems that haven't been seen to or noticed quickly and turn into a big problem. While you may think your property is in good nick, building inspectors investigate the entire property thoroughly and are trained to pick up minor discrepancies and imperfections. While they have a long list of things they are looking at, here are some important ones:

The structural integrity of the home

The structural integrity of your home is vital for keeping your home upright, sturdy and safe to live in. A licenced building inspector will look for structural defects and safety hazards. They will be looking at your internal roof, sub-flooring, load-bearing beams and other components that make up the structure of your home. They check for inferior building materials or substandard construction that can lead to structural issues. By having regular building inspections, you can prevent small problems from worsening, and therefore the repair costs are usually far less expensive when they are dealt with promptly.

Water damage

A lot of the time, a home will have a water leak behind the walls that goes undetected for an extended period until the homeowner starts to notice water stains on the ceiling or walls. By this time, the water damage behind the walls is widespread, it can cause timber to swell and rot which commonly promotes mould growth at a rapid rate. Mould is not only difficult to get rid of, but it is also hazardous for your health. Reputable building inspectors use state of the art moisture detectors that can pick up areas of dampness and moisture that would otherwise go unnoticed. Seeing to water issues fast can prevent them from causing structural and other costly damage.

The conditions of the gutters and downpipes

The gutters and downpipes are often overlooked; however, they play a key role in directing water away from the home. Broken or clogged guttering can cause water to spill over and pool at the foundation of the house, not only that, it can cause water to get inside. If they don't get repaired promptly, they can cause water damage and structural problems within your home. Many homeowners don't actively look for signs of possible problems and only realise something is not right when their home is damaged. Clogged gutters can also make your home more susceptible to a bushfire, embers can fall into the clogged gutters and catch alight on the dry leaf litter.

Get a pest inspection done at the same time

Most building inspectors offer pest inspections, and if you get it done at the same time as your building inspection, it is usually cheaper than getting them done separately. A pest inspection is just as important as a building inspection especially living here in Queensland, our sub-tropical climate is ideal for termites. Your home may be in perfect condition, but once termites have invaded, it won't be for long. A pest inspection looks for all signs of pests such as mice, rats, possums etc, as they can all cause damage to your property.

What to look for in a building inspector

To ensure you are getting the most comprehensive and detailed inspection of your home, it's important that the building inspector you choose is a licenced, registered, and qualified builder. They should also have Professional Indemnity Insurance which protects you if the building inspector makes an error on the building report. If you hire a building inspector and they don't have this and there are serious issues in your home that they failed to pick up, unfortunately, you'll be the one out of pocket for the repairs, if it is structural, this can be a huge expense.

Here at Premier Building and Pest Reports on the Gold Coast, we recommend having a building and pest inspection done annually. This will ensure your home is in good condition, and if there is something that needs attention, it gives you the chance to deal with it before it gets worse. It really is a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing you, your family and your home are safe. Contact us for more information or to book your inspection today!