How to Make the Right Living Room Decoration

22 April 2020


Having a spacious living space helps you to maximize the quality, comfort and relaxation of your time at home. In order to achieve a bright and spacious living space, you can take advantage of many different decoration ideas.

Blending Colors and Creating Lightness

In the name of a spacious living room decoration, you don't have to adopt a harsh minimalist approach. Trying to reduce the visual weight of only some heavy and glaring objects is quite enough to provide comfort. To accomplish this, you can paint your heavy and flashy furniture to the color of the wall, choose plain objects and choose materials such as plexiglass. Thus, you can create lightness in visual perception.

Minimizing Decorative Objects

One of the most enjoyable details of the hall decoration process is to display objects with beautiful memories. However, filling the surfaces of coffee tables, shelves and units with these objects creates a much more crowded and narrow perception in the living room. Displaying a few of your favorite pieces by eliminating these items both highlights the most valuable decorative objects and helps you to have a much more spacious hall. Selecting pendant lights with minimal designs and adornments with wall surface adds spaciousness to the place with the same logic.

Using Mirrors

Adding a mirror to a wall of your room is a good idea in any situation. But would you like to change the look of your living room and create a more spacious environment? To accomplish this, you can try to cover an entire surface with one large mirror or many small mirrors. If you cover the entire surface, the mirrors not only illuminate your living room by reflecting the light, but also reflect the space itself, creating an almost twice the size of a living room. In addition, you can create the perception that there is an extra window in the space by placing the mirror to reflect your windows, or you can place the mirror against a light source.

Restricting the Colors Usage

Although it is exciting to use various colors, using furniture with a striking color adds vividness to the space. You can also choose to use different shades of a single color in the same way. In order to add excitement to your living room, you can try using dramatic patterns in details such as carpet, curtain and wallpaper. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to use only lighter colors, any color that suits your taste can be preferred for living room decoration when used with this approach.

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