Opening the door on front façades

11 September 2019

First impressions are crucial and your front door can say a lot about you and the design and décor of your home.

Your door both makes a statement and acts as an introduction.

Corinthian Doors has shared some tips and suggestions for making your front façade catch the eye and be the standout centrepiece on your street.

These new trends will suit a range of architectural styles and set your property apart.

An oversized front door is a striking option.

 Pivot your opinion on size

You have to think big to turn your home from bland to grand; to that end, oversized front door designs can really make an impact, both visually and also in terms of making your entrance area feel more spacious.

Pivot systems are preferred for larger doors, distributing weight at the top and bottom, and allowing for smooth and secure opening.

Vertical glass panels, such as those on Corinthian’s Blonde Oak, further emphasise the illusion of height and grandiose.

Incorporate glass panels to allow more natural light in your home.

Let the light in

Doors featuring glass panels and matching sidelights are great for changing perception; they open up sightlines and increase natural lighting in the home.

More artistic options, like the Sunburst collection, can elevate the status of your door to décor. For privacy, consider your glazing options from clear and translucent to textured and decorative.

Corinthian's Lumina design.

 Material matters

Climate plays an important part in choosing the material for your front door. In Australia, the climate brings its own challenges.

If you’re in a bushfire prone area, a BAL rated door that meets government standards is a must.

Merbau timber is a good choice in hot, humid areas as it has a low shrinkage and expansion rate as well as better colour retention.

For a contemporary look, take a look at Corinthian’s Lumina design.

Primed doors are perfect for painting.

A blank canvas

Doors can be a great way to introduce colour and create a design element in the home.

Primed doors are suitable for creating a pop of colour while timber or veneer are better for staining, both of which can enhance the door’s features.

Corinthian’s American White Oak veneer provides a perfect canvas for a spectrum of colours.