Pest Control during Pre-Construction

03 June 2019

Termites are a common problem in Australia. Each year, millions of dollars are spend on termite control and remodeling costs due to termite damages. Is there a way to protect your home from termites? Thankfully, you can install a termite barrier to protect your home from termites.

What are common types of termite barriers?

  • Physical termite barrier
  • Chemical termite barrier

Physical barriers are fitted around your home that's still under construction. Physical termite barriers are fitted onto wall cavities, foundations, under concrete slabs and more. Meanwhile, chemical termite barriers makes use of substances that are lethal to termites. Some examples are Home Guard and TermX.

To install a termite barrier in your home, you would need to comply to the Australian Building Standard 3660.1. You would need to submit a proposal before the termite barrier construction starts.



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