Understanding your plumbing vent pipe

01 April 2022

Do you know about your plumbing vent pipe - like where to find it? A problem here can cause a major plumbing headache. Here's what to know.


Question: Which part of your home or property’s plumbing system is located on the roof and never actually gets wet? It’s not as well known as your toilets, sinks and hot water system, but that ventilation pipe on your roof serves an extremely important purpose. Today, we’re taking a dive into your plumbing vent, because a little bit of knowledge might save you an awful lot of trouble.

What’s that vent pipe on the roof for, anyway?

A lot of people might refer to the vent as a sewer gas vent pipe – and they wouldn’t be wrong. That’s because “yes” – they do give those gross sewer smells somewhere to escape from. But your sewage vent is actually more about regulating the air pressure of your plumbing system.

In essence, sewer vents are just a fairly straightforward vertical pipe connecting your main drain line with the air just above the top of your roof. The pipe itself is called the vent stack, and – without getting too technical – it’s all about supplying air to your plumbing fixtures in order to maintain a stable atmospheric pressure in your plumbing system to keep them flowing efficiently from the fixture and into waste management.

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