When Was The Toilet Invented: A Timeline

22 March 2022

when was the toilet invented


The modern flush toilet is probably one of the things people in some parts of the world would say they cannot live without. Toilets or latrines have been around for thousands of years in some basic form. Using a constant stream of water to move the waste away from the latrine has been happening for over 5000 years. But when was the toilet invented as we know it today dates to Elizabethan England. Here is a look at the origins of the much-valued toilet and the role dual flush has played in particular in Australia.

Sir John Harington in 1596

In 1596 Harington who was a godson of the queen and a courtier too wrote a description of a device that is clearly the start of the flush toilet. It used an oval 2-foot deep bowl that is made to be waterproof with wax, resin and pitch that is fed running water from a cistern upstairs. To flush this pot, it took about 7.5 gallons of water which was a lot in those days! He suggested in times when water was more scarce up to 20 people could use the pot or commode before having to flush.

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