10 Quick Steps to Perfectly Edged Lawns

13 October 2021

Overgrown grass edges are unattractive and may make a healthy, well-kept yard appear unkempt. The best-looking lawns have edges kept under control with regular trimming, as the more often overhanging grass is fixed, the more it remains uniform.

While edging may seem overwhelming to most, as outdoor power equipment experts at Ellenbrook Mowers, we find that homeowners are just unfamiliar with the process. Luckily, having perfectly edged lawns is simple with these ten steps and high-quality garden edging tools.

Step 1: Lawn Mowing

Before using garden edgers, you should always begin by lawn mowing. You will be able to tell how short or tall to cut your grass around the margins of your yard this way. As a general rule, never trim more than a third of your grass blades at once, as you don't want to "scalp" your lawn by cutting it too short because this can lead to bare spots and a shaky foundation.

Step 2: Map Out Your Edging Route

Particularly, if this is your first time using garden edgers, it's a good idea to mark your intended path with tape, a hose, or rope to indicate where you will be making your edge cuts. However, if you're only using lawn edgers along sidewalks or think your skills are adequate, you may skip this step entirely.

Although if you have never edged in a particular yard before, make sure you're aware of any electrical lines, plumbing pipes, or other hidden risks before you begin using garden edgers. It's best to keep a safe distance from hazards; you don't want to risk cutting a hazard with your lawn edger. 

Step 3: Selecting an Edging Tool

Of course, a garden job is only as good as a person's tool, so when selecting your ideal edging tool at Ellenbrook Mowers, consider your budget, time constraints, and the shape of edges you want. 

  • String Trimmers

String trimmers are used to keep the grass trimmed in places where a lawn mower can't reach, such as around fences, under decks, and near fragile plants and shrubs. Although string trimmers are frequently used as garden edgers, there are electric, gas, corded, and cordless versions of these lightweight power tools available. For extensive lawns, gas string trimmers perform best, while electric string trimmers are more ecologically friendly. 

  • Lawn Edgers and Garden Edges

A lawn edger or garden edge is the best tool specific for trimming and defining yard boundary lines. Lawn edgers and garden edges come in a variety of styles.  

Powered lawn edgers feature a 3-4 foot shaft with a half-moon steel blade at the bottom and footrests on both sides and speed up the edging process, ideal for extensive gardens. Manual edgers with wooden shafts are also available, which are lighter than their steel counterparts and give the user more control but require more time and effort.

Step 4: Put on Your Protective Gear

To protect your eyes from grass, pollen, and other debris, put on a robust pair of gloves and a pair of safety glasses when using garden edgers. If you are allergic to anything, you can also use a face mask to protect your nose and mouth. 

Step 5: Start Cutting with the Outskirts

Now comes the actual edging. When using a garden edger along walkways or driveways, always attempt to walk on a firm surface, such as your driveway or path. Keep the trim line as close as possible between the grass and the surface. 

If the grass has overtaken the sidewalk or driveway, don't cut the grass all at once. Instead, work slowly with the lawn edger against the hard surface, cutting the overhang back a bit at a time. 

Using a manual garden edger is similar to digging with a shovel. Push it straight into the ground with your feet until the lip at the bottom meets the dirt. Make sure the lawn edger is perfectly straight; this will help define your edge. Rock the edger from side to side, then gently pull up on the handle. 

Step 6: Look for Any Jagged Edges

As you move along using your garden edgers, scoop up loose dirt, turf, or mulch and throw it in a wheelbarrow. Once you've done this, you'll have a good idea of your edging effort and be able to determine if any jagged sections need to be revisited. 

Step 7: Create A Border Around Your Garden Beds

Manual garden edgers may be your best choice when edging along curving garden beds since they may create more fluid edges. Mark the area you wish to edge and proceed as if you were manually edging a perimeter. Slowly and steadily, with intentional action is the way to go.

Step 8: Pruning and Trimming Shrubs & Bushes

After you've finished with your garden edger perimeter and curving paths, trim your shrubs and bushes using your edge shears.

Step 9: Clean Up

A thorough clean-up is required after every lawn edger or trimming work, as allowing clippings and other garbage to accumulate provides a favourable environment for weeds to thrive. So, make sure to toss your cuttings. Plus, debris removal also provides a manicured grass look with a glossy finish.

Step 10: Continue to Keep Your Lawn in Good Shape

After all this effort using garden edgers, you'll want to keep your grass in good shape. You should inspect the integrity of your lawn's margins every time you mow it. If you find the grass growing over your edge lines, it's time to tidy them up!

Overall, following these ten easy lawn edger steps, beginning with mowing and finishing with clean-up, is the finest method to edge your grass.

But, to get the most remarkable edging results, you must invest in high-quality equipment — whether that be a lawn edger, garden edge or string trimmer. No matter if you need outdoor power equipment for a small garden or a larger lifestyle block, Ellenbrook Mowers make outdoor maintenance jobs easy, fun, and effortless with our extensive range of ideal products, no matter the size of the job.

Ellenbrook Mowers offers a full range of power products, including riding lawn mowerschainsaws, electric mowers, lawn edgers, brush cutters, leaf blowershedge trimmers, earth augers, cultivators, pressure washers and cylinder mowers, hedge trimmers and robotic mowers. All supplied from trusted manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Atom IndustriesBilly GoatMasport MowersTruYard and many more.

At the Ellenbrook Mowers workshop, we offer full equipment servicing and sharpening for many makes and models of garden equipment. We can even supply you with a range of replacement small engines to suit a wide range of applications, plus spare parts and accessories for many makes and models of garden equipment. 

Get your next project started today by visiting the Ellenbrook Mowers storefront for the best lawn mowers in Perth at 2/10 Comserv Loop, Ellenbrook, WA. Or get in contact with our friendly staff to get more information about our services, call  (08) 6296 5165.


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