100+ best movies to show off your home cinema

Owning a great home theatre setup is fantastic - but it really takes the right movies to bring out the best in your system. That's why Gerben Van Duyl, veteran home theatre expert and Director of Mareor Cinema Products and Consultants, has compiled the list below.

"This list of the best 100 demo BD titles is the result of 10 years, doing demos of great home cinema technology at expos around the world, first for DTS and now for Procella Audio and Kaleidescape", explains Gerben.

"We are always looking for the best demo tracks and movie clips and nowadays we exclusively demo from BD, using a Kaleidescape BD server. I decided to compile a list of our favourites, so that you can use it to build up your own show-off collection. These titles were selected because they have great video, great audio and they are just great movies."


The Kingdom


The Kingdom [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]


Jarhead [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Jake Gyllenhaal
Harry Potter Complete


Harry Potter - The Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray] [2011][Region Free]
Daniel Radcliffe
Pirates of the Caribbean box set


Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4 Box Set [Blu-ray]
The Lion King Double Play


The Lion King - Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD)
Jeremy Irons
Green Lantern


Green Lantern (Extended Cut) - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) [2011][Region Free]
Ryan Reynolds
Captain America


Captain America - The First Avenger: Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)[Region Free]
Chris Evans
Transformers Dark of the Moon


Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)[Region Free]
Shia LaBeouf


Thor (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)[Region Free]
Chris Hemsworth


Megamind - Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD)[Region Free]
Will Ferrell
Despicable Me


Despicable Me Triple Play (Blu-ray, DVD + Digital Copy)
Steve Carell
The Incredibles


The Incredibles [Blu-ray] [2004]
Craig T. Nelson


Tangled/Snow White [Blu-ray]
Larry Morey


Rango (Triple Play - Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)[Region Free]
Johnny Depp


Rio - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)
Jesse Eisenberg
The Hurt Locker


The Hurt Locker [Blu-ray]
Jeremy Renner


Heat [Blu-ray] [1995][Region Free]


Leon - The Director's Cut [Blu-ray]
Jean Reno
The Usual Suspects


The Usual Suspects [Blu-ray] [1995] [Region B]
The Shawshank Redemption


The Shawshank Redemption [Blu-ray]


Collateral (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
Tom Cruise
Man on Fire


Man On Fire [Blu-ray]
Denzel Washington
Walk the Line


Walk The Line [Blu-ray]


U-571 [Blu-ray] [2000] [US Import]
Matthew McConaughey
True Grit


True Grit - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)[Region Free]
Matt Damon
King Kong


King Kong [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]


Transformers [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
The Aviator


The Aviator [2004] [Blu-ray]
Leonardo DiCaprio
Inglorious Basterds


Inglourious Basterds [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Brad Pitt
American Gangster


American Gangster [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]


Salt [Blu-ray] [2010][Region Free]
Angelina Jolie


Taken [Blu-ray]
Speed Racer


Speed Racer [Blu-ray] [2008][Region Free]
Emile Hirsch
The Green Mile


The Green Mile [Blu-ray] [1999][Region Free]


Trainspotting: Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] [1996]
Ewan McGregor
Gran Torino


Gran Torino [Blu-ray] [2009][Region Free]
Clint Eastwood
No Country for Old Men


No Country For Old Men [Blu-ray]
Little Miss Sunshine


Little Miss Sunshine [Blu-ray]
Greg Kinnear
Blood Diamond


Blood Diamond [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
Million Dollar Baby


Million Dollar Baby [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Hilary Swank
The Last King of Scotland


The Last King of Scotland [Blu-ray] [2006]
Forrest Whitaker
The Wrestler


The Wrestler [Blu-ray]
Slumdog Millionaire


Slumdog Millionaire [Blu-ray]
Dev Patel
Fight Club


Fight Club [Blu-ray] [1999]
Edward Norton
Race to Witch Mountain


Race to Witch Mountain [Blu-ray]
Midnight Express
Midnight Express [Blu-ray] [2009][Region Free]
Paolo Bonacelli
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory [Blu-ray] [2005][Region Free]
Freddie Highmore


Ratatouille [Blu-ray]
Brad Garrett


WALL-E [Blu-ray]
Ben Burtt


Spider-Man [DVD] [2002]
Tobey Maguire|Willem Dafoe|Kirsten Dunst|James Franco
Pulp Fiction


Pulp Fiction [Blu-ray] [1994][Region A & B] [US Import]
John Travolta
Sin City


Sin City [Blu-ray]
X Men


X-Men [Blu-ray]
Patrick Stewart
Matrix Revolutions


Matrix Revolutions [Blu-ray] [2003][Region Free]
The Matrix


The Matrix [Blu-ray] [1999][Region Free]
Black Hawk Down


Black Hawk down [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
Ewan McGregor
The Last Samurai


The Last Samurai [Blu-ray] [2003][Region Free]
Saving Private Ryan


Saving Private Ryan - 2 Disc Special Edition [Blu-ray] [1998]
Master and Commander


Master & Commande​r Blu Ray Disc [Blu-ray]
Master and Commander
Happy Feet


Happy Feet (SE) (Blu-Ray+DVD)
George Miller


Grease (Rockin' Edition) [Blu-Ray]
John Travolta
Mamma Mia


Mamma Mia! [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Meryl Streep
Cars and Cars 2


Cars & Cars 2 Box Set [Blu-ray]
Ice Age 1 3


Ice Age 1-3 Collection [Blu-ray]
Ray Romano
Toy Story 1 3


Toy Story 1-3 Box Set [Blu-ray]
Tom Hanks
Shrek box set


Shrek 1-4 Box Set [Blu-ray]
Mike Myers
Open Season


Open Season [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
Jill Culton
Ice Age 1 and 2


Ice Age 1 & 2 Blu Ray [Blu-ray]


Robots [DVD]
Ewan Mcgregor
Happy Feet a


Happy Feet [Blu-ray] [2006][Region Free]
Shark Tale


Shark Tale [DVD]
Will Smith
Madagascar 2


Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa [Blu-ray]


Madagascar [Blu-ray]
Frozen Planet


Frozen Planet - The Complete Series [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
David Attenborough


Yellowstone [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Peter Firth
Human Planet


Human Planet [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
John Hurt
Natures Great Events


Nature's Great Events [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
David Attenborough
Madagascar David Attenborough


Madagascar [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
David Attenborough
Kung Fu Panda


Kung Fu Panda [Blu-ray]
Jack Black
Kill Bill


Kill Bill Vol. I and II Double Pack [Blu-ray]
Uma Thurman
Live with BBC Orchestra


Live With BBC Orchestra [Blu-ray] [2008] [US Import]
K.D. Lang
I Am Legend


I Am Legend [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
Will Smith
Night At The Museum


Night At The Museum [Blu-ray]
Ben Stiller
The Hitchhikers Guild to the Galaxy


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Blu-ray] [2005] [US Import]
Martin Freeman
The Matrix Reloaded


The Matrix Reloaded [Blu-ray] [2003][Region Free]


You Don't Mess with the Zohan [Blu-ray] [2008] [2009][Region Free]
Adam Sandler
Men in Black
Men in Black [Blu-ray] [2008][Region Free]
Linda Fiorentino
The Pursuit of Happyness


The Pursuit Of Happyness [Blu-ray] [2006] [2007][Region Free]
Kurt Fuller
Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds [Blu-ray] [2009][Region Free]
Will Smith
Hancock [Blu-ray] [2009][Region Free]
Will Smith
Van Helsing


Van Helsing [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2 - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)
Robert Downey Jr.
Fantastic 4


Fantastic Four - Rise Of The Silver Surfer [Blu-ray] [2007]
Ioan Gruffud
The Incredible Hulk


The Incredible Hulk [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Iron Man


Iron Man (2 Disc) [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Robert Downey Jr.
Hellboy 2


Hellboy 2: The Golden Army [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Ron Perlman


Cars [Blu-ray]
Shutter Island


Shutter Island [DVD]
Leonardo DiCaprio
The Social Network


The Social Network (2-Disc Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] [2011][Region Free]
Jesse Eisenberg
The Kings Speech


The King's Speech [Blu-ray] [2010]
Colin Firth
Black Swan


Black Swan [Blu-ray]
Natalie Portman
I Robot


I, Robot [Blu-ray] (2004)
Lord Of The Rings


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Extended Edition [Blu-ray]
Elijah Wood


Inception - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) [2010][Region Free]
Leonardo DiCaprio


Avatar (DVD + Blu-ray)
Sam Worthington
LA Confidential


L.A. Confidential [Blu-ray] [1997][Region Free]
Across the Universe


Across the Universe [Blu-ray] [2007] [2008][Region Free]
Evan Rachel Wood


Hairspray: 2 disc Shake & Shimmy Edition [Blu-ray] [2007]
John Travolta


Gladiator [Remastered] [Blu-ray][Regio​n Free]
Russell Crowe
Flight of the Phoenix


Flight Of The Phoenix [Blu-ray]
Finding Nemo


Finding Nemo [Blu-ray]
Albert Brooks
Tron and Tron Legacy


Tron/Tron Legacy [Blu-ray]
Michael Sheen
Monsters Inc


Monsters, Inc. [Blu-ray]
Sound of Music


The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary Edition (DVD + Blu-ray) [1965]
Julie Andrews


Fantasia/Fantas​ia 2000 [Blu-ray]
Planet Earth


Planet Earth: Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray]
David Attenborough
The Day After Tomorrow


The Day After Tomorrow [Blu-ray]
Dennis Quaid
Die Hard 4


Die Hard 4.0 [Blu-ray] [2007]
Bruce Willis
The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight (2 Discs) [Blu-ray] [2008][Region Free]
Christian Bale
The Road


The Road [Blu-ray]
Viggo Mortensen
Book of Eli


The Book of Eli [Blu-ray]
Lord of War


Lord of War [Blu-ray]
The Departed


The Departed [Blu-ray]


Seven [Blu-ray] [1995][Region Free]


300 [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
Gerard Butler


Hero [Blu-ray]
House of the Flying Daggers


House Of Flying Daggers [Blu-ray]
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [Blu-ray] [2000]
Pei-pei Cheng


Cloverfield [Blu-ray]
Casino Royale


Casino Royale [Blu-ray] [2007][Region Free]
Judi Dench