11 Simple Financial Rules To Get You Through Your Renovation

24 January 2018


Everyone wants financial stability, and securing financial independence requires discipline. Getting through a renovation without blowing your budget also requires discipline, and you can use these basic rules of finance to ensure your renovation is managed properly.


Achieving financial stability requires planning. Plan your project properly by securing your finances first. It’s not an easy journey, but it is an achievable one with the right focus. Make a financial plan and stick to it.


Goal setting is imperative while setting renovation targets. Create long-term goals, mid-range goals, and short-term goals for your renovations, and stick to them. Work to achieve these goals by recording your expenses, working within your budget and setting aside a minimum budget for your project.


Set aside a bare minimum of 15% of your monthly income to help your project become a reality, and keep on topping up the account as much as possible even after you have secured finance to complete the renovations. It’s advisable to have 3 to 6 months of financial backup just in case there is a loss of income. It’s important to plan for such circumstances in advance.

Understand your Finances

Be aware of your finances.  Note down your expenses and make records regarding all amounts spent within each month. Know and understand your financial status always. Compare your income and secured finances to expenses and create, and follow the budget that suites your project.



Working within the limits of a budget is the preferred method and following your spending plan and you might just be able to keep saving while you renovate.

Daily Record Keeping

Record all expenses each day. Keep track of your spending habits to allow you to cut down on unnecessary spending. Proper pre-planning should mean your project should not go over budget, however any adjustments should be made to suit your plan.

Distinguish Between Needs and Wants

Spend money on your needs first before spending on your wants. Take note of what’s essential and spend on them first. Ensure your needs are met first and then approach the rest.

Don’t Overspend

Avoid overspending at all costs. Stick to your budget and your financial plans and save more.

Proper Credit Use

Use credit services properly, don’t spend more than you can pay for. Avoid taking credit if possible and secure your financial future as a priority for when the renovation project is done.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Promote your credit rating by paying your bills on time. Avoid debt accrual at all costs. Always pay the team doing your renovations when required.

Keep on top of other investments

Keep on top of other investments each month, you never know when they might come in handy. If you invest in cryptocurrencies or the stock market, any money you might be able to make during your renovations could work towards getting the job done quicker, and with a more comfortable financial outcome when it is finished.  Have some money put aside for investments to keep topping up your bank balance. One of the simplest, and quickest investments is trading on the foreign exchange, and its one that you can put very little focus into while renovating to keep you on top.




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