2023 – the year of the MatchUp

13 February 2023

Inspired by the colours of some favourite ‘go-to’ options when looking to take a break from all that life is throwing at us, the innovative MatchUp Collection by Florim has been named as Beaumont’s 2023 Tile of the year.

The MatchUp Collection, which includes four Ceppo di Gre inspired aggregate effect tiles - Earl Grey Mix, Coffee Mix, Cookie Mix and Sugar Mix - plus a foundational concrete effect tile in Sugar, creates a soothing ambience for any space and design style.

In addition to its stunning design qualities that transcend across many design styles, the unglazed porcelain tile features a range of technically advanced characteristics and can be used on the wall or floor in a variety of applications, inside and out.

Matteo Quattrini from Florim says he was thrilled that Beaumont Tiles was making the collection available to Australian homeowners to be able to elevate their space with the sophisticated colour palette and advanced technical and design characteristics.

“With MatchUp we have two different looks, the concrete look and the agglomerate look inspired by the iconic Ceppo di Gre stone, which is honestly stunning! MatchUp is very interesting as it has a textured surface and it is an unglazed material which can be used for commercial or residential projects in many different kinds of applications.”

The range is technically designed with easy to clean qualities, high stain resistance and doesn’t need any sealing like traditional unglazed porcelains making for a calm maintenance experience.

“This saves time in installation so you can instead sit back and start enjoying your fabulous new renovation,” Matteo says.

Beaumont Tiles design specialist, Rachel Gilding says that the MatchUp range comes at a perfect time, given that most of us have reached overstimulation saturation in a world filled with technology and the million different things that we all have to do.

“MatchUp brings a sense of calm and peace to our lives,” Rachel says, “It’s truly genius in building the ambiance of a room to achieve those cosy relaxing moments.

She adds: “The colour tones of Earl Grey Mix, Coffee Mix, Cookie Mix and Sugar Mix are designed to do what their names suggest; just take a break and treat yourself. Sit down and have a coffee or tea and admire your wonderful space or just watch some TV!”

The range, she says, is also compatible with a variety of other ranges where they will complement and not look out of place.

The MatchUp Earl Grey Mix caught the eye of interior design icon Shaynna Blaze so much so that she featured it in her Contemporary Live-A-Little Complete Bathroom Package available exclusively at Beaumonts.

“The Contemporary Live-A-Little Complete Bathroom Package is gorgeous,” Rachel says, “This package is the perfect example of how to use MatchUp to create a warm balance with minimalism design. What’s more is every element is included for you, so you can spend less time trying to get your look and more time enjoying your new bathroom and making the most of MatchUp rather than figuring out how to include it in your design.”

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