3 Tips for Identifying the Root Cause of Your Roof Leak

21 February 2020

A roof leak is one of the most common, yet frustrating structural predicaments a household will face. What may begin as a slow drip from your living room ceiling, has the potential to turn into a significant structural issue with time and neglect. The key to preventing and avoiding roof leak damage is to find the source of a leak early on and have it patched up immediately. 

While some roof leaks are more complicated and will need professional repairs, most houses will suffer from a sprung leak because of a big storm or weathered roofing materials and can be simply patched up. Whatever the case, identifying the source of the leak is the first step to keeping your house safe from further water damage. Here are 3 tips to find & fix a leaking roof. 

1. Check the Attic

 If your roofing structure includes an open space or attic, begin your search for the leak here. The first signs of a roof leak will usually begin in the attic and will usually lead you directly to the source of the leak. Look for any dripping spots, moisture build-up, water stains, rotting materials, spots on exterior walls, bulging patches on ceilings or walls, and bubbling paint.

If you find that the source of the leak in the attic is part of a more complex problem, mark the spot where you think it is coming from in the attic to aid a roofing contractor in identifying the leak.

2. Inspect the Roof 

The next step is to observe your roof from the outside. Once it is safe to do so, take a good look at your roofing materials from the exterior. Are there missing shingles, bent materials, blocked gutters or broken flashings? If so, this will likely be the cause of the roof leak. If you are able, fixing your roof may be as simple as repairing a flashing, unblocking your gutters, or replacing a roofing tile.


3. Call A Professional Roof Contractor

Sometimes the safest route to finding and fixing a leak is leaving it to a professional. While most leaks are relatively simple to repair, lack of roof maintenance can turn the job into a complicated restoration.

If you’re not able to positively identify the source of the leak, engage with a roofing contractor to inspect the roof and provide you on professional advice for the best route for leak repairs and prevention. In many cases, roof leaks are covered by insurance, so it's a good idea to check with your insurance provider before you commit to working with a contractor. 


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