5 Benefits of Building a Patio in Your Backyard

29 May 2019

There are numerous home improvements that you can build inside your backyard to make it cozier and raise its market value at the same time. An especially lucrative investment is building a patio that would serve as the ideal place for relaxation, dining, and spending time outside in general. However, many homeowners are reluctant to erect a patio because they are worried about the total cost and other issues. In reality, there are more benefits to building a patio than there are downsides and here are just 5 of them.

Next to Zero Maintenance

If you thought that there is no maintenance after you build the patio, oddly enough, you would be right! Well, not exactly zero maintenance but most of the upkeep will be made of visual inspections that are fairly easy to conduct. The reason for this is are the materials the patio is built from, like stone, concrete, and brick that are all sturdy and long-lasting building materials. Apart from regular swiping of the floor of the patio, you might need to weed out the joints between paving stones from time to time or you can just let the strong summer sun do it if you live in places like Australia or New Zealand.

Accessorize the Patio

Speaking of the sun, a patio will actually provide good coverage against the sun if it’s roofed (and most patios are), so it will serve as a provisional social hub of the backyard. Since a patio will involve a lot of human activity, you will place a lot of luxury features here.

For instance, the fire pit can be incorporated in the base of the patio, decreasing its building costs or you can erect a brick or stone wall in it. Even a sitting wall is a real possibility, not to mention mobile additions like a grill and the garden set comprised of a table and chairs. Whatever you decide to place in the patio, make sure it is weatherproof to a certain degree because it is still going to sit outside, regardless of the overhead protection.

Size is Important and So is Design

Another good thing about patios is the fact that they are not stock made, so you can customize their size and shape to match your house. Depending on the contours of your house, you can choose where the patio will go and cut it (literally) to fit the space available. You would be surprised by how many people approach patio builder with designs of their own in Australia alone. It is then to patio experts in Brisbane and other Aussie cities to turn these wishes into reality, all the while taking great care of the technical aspect of the proposed build. A patio can be as lovely as you want but if it lacks proper drainage or insulation, it will not be functional.

Protection Against the Elements

Apart from beautifying the back of our house, a patio is a really useful addition to your house that will allow you to spend more time outside. The durability of the patio is to thank for the ability to withstand heavy snowfall that will be distributed evenly across the surface off the roof, relieving the roof structure from dangerous stress. Furthermore, a roofed patio will help protect you and your loved ones from the harmful UV rays that are especially detrimental in Australia and other places around the globe above which the Earth’s ozone layer is severely depleted. One might argue that a simple parasol will help against the punishing sun but these are inadequate because the slightest gust of wind could turn them into dangerous projectiles whizzing across your backyard.

Money Well Spent

Finally, building a patio means that the market value of your property will go up so you will cash in on this home improvement when the selling time arrives. You are not the only person that can appreciate all the benefits of a patio, as prospective buyers will also like this addition to your house and more importantly, they will be ready to pay extra for it.

A patio constitutes an outdoor living space and in that sense, it is truly your home in nature. No home is complete without it because it presents the stepping stone to the outdoor section of your property, whether it’s vegetable and herbs garden, a backyard swimming pool or a simple suburban backyard.

Victoria is journalist, freelance stylist and a girl a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about writing, sharing tips and DIY projects.