5 Steps to Securely Wall-Mount Your TV

24 October 2019

In the good old days, there was no need to install or wall-mount TV, as they were comfortably placed on the TV cabinets; thus, a technician was needed just to install the TV antenna and complete setting up the TV, and finally conduct checks and see if all channels for the region is available and viewable on the TV. That’s it!

With modern wall-mounting TV units, you can save substantial space in your room and get a better screen to room viewing experience. Besides, modern wall mount TV units are sleek and lightweight yet generous. It also demands the services of a certified TV installer who can securely wall mount your TV and complete the entire setup for you.

TV wall mount

Well, if you aren’t a DIY expert, don’t worry, as you can easily book for a TV wall mounting service and they will send across their pro TV installer to your home to complete your TV wall mounting installation, connect and set up all media, and finally, check if everything is working as intended including all remotes. Wall-mounting your TV professionally is a better way to start enjoying your TV without any hassles right away!

Here are the 5 Steps to Securely Wall-Mount Your TV:

1. Identifying the Right Wall to Mount the TV

Where to mount the TV, on which wall, is the very first thing you need to figure out. Many things you need to take into account including the sun exposure, viewing angle, connected devices and the availability of the power outlet. Next, you need to manage all the cables, as hanging cables won’t look good. Besides, it’s not recommended mounting the TV over a fireplace.

2. Stud or Brackets to Hang the TV on the Wall

As per your TV unit’s specifications, you’ll need to get a stud or brackets to securely mount your TV on the wall. If your TV unit came without a stud or brackets needed for the mounting purpose, then you’ll have to consult a professional and tell him your TV’s specifications, so you can get the right stud or brackets right before wall-mounting your TV.

3. Don’t Start Unless You Have All the Necessary Tools

Before undertaking the task of TV mounting, you must know what job you want to accomplish and what tools you’ll need in the process. For instance, essential tools you’ll need include a stud finder, a drill, the right sized drill and screwdriver. If you haven’t performed DIY tasks in the house of late, you may well want to refresh on how to use these tools.

4. Getting the Perfect Mount

Well, you should know beforehand if you need a swivel mount. On the other hand, if you want a more stable mount, ensure that your ports are properly located before drilling into your wall. However, you’ll require additional help to raise and fittingly mount your TV to the wall.

5. Connect & Set up All Your Devices

Once the TV is securely wall-mounted, you’ll need to connect and fine-tune all your devices that may include cable, media player, video game consoles etc, and there will be remotes to control these devices. You’ll have a small book-sized instruction manual that may be intimidating. Maybe you’re good at guessing or you’ve a friend who is tech-savvy and can help in figuring out things.

Alternatively, you can call in a certified TV wall mount installer, who will be right at your doorstep, to wall-mount your TV, as well as, get all devices connected fittingly and see to it that everything works fine.

Final Words

When you hire a specialist TV installer, you won’t have to take any worries concerning the tools or expertise that you’ll need to accomplish the task. All of the tools, even the TV wall mounting accessory (stud or brackets) they will bring along. Conversely, you can buy the wall mounting accessory for the TV and have your expert TV installer do the standard installation for you.

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