5 tips to spruce up your yard

10 October 2019

Brickworks Building Products has outlined some tips for those looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces ahead of the summer months.

Brickworks’ general manager of international marketing Brett Ward says that summer is the perfect excuse to make some small changes that can make the world of difference to the functionality of a backyard.

Brett outlines five areas where changes can enhance your outdoor spaces: paving, retaining walls, brick barbecue, breeze blocks, and entertainment space.

Paving is a versatile landscaping option.


Pavers are a versatile option for all landscaping needs, from creating walkways to framing garden beds. Pair them with gravel to define your space or break up a large area, or use repetition of one main paver to create flow and a sense of spaciousness in a small space. They can withstand extreme weather and need little to no maintenance, which makes them perfect for pool areas.

Retaining walls can be functional and decorative.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide structure and a sense of depth which can liven up a space. They can make bold statements in landscaping applications through contemporary textures and colours. Play with different heights, materials and shapes to enhance the transformative effect of the space – they can be used for a variety of functions, from creating terraces to edging garden beds.

A brick barbecue can be a yard centrepiece.

Brick Barbecue

Now is the time to invest in a good barbecue that you can cook up a storm on for friends on the balmy summer nights. A stylish brick barbie can serve as a great centrepiece of the yard. It’s a simple DIY project – you’ll need a barbecue grill set, bricks, sand, cement, a spirit level and a shovel.

Breeze blocks can be used to divide a space.

Breeze Blocks

The humble breeze block is a winning material in the Australian home, bridging the space between beauty and functionality, providing privacy while maintaining light and airflow. They can be used to divide a space allowing you to play with the sense of openness and enclosure to create a space reflecting your personal style.

Breeze blocks are incredibly bespoke, offering a range of different shapes and cut throughs for you to create a design that fits your aesthetic. By night, light shines through the small openings creating an intricate romantic shadow display- the perfect decoration for summer night entertaining.

Entertaining areas can bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors.

Entertainment Space

Outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming an extension of indoor living rooms so the trick is to make the space feel as homely and inviting. The way you entertain will have a huge impact on how your backyard needs to function so think about that before making any big changes.