5 Ways to Make Your New Home Safe

20 April 2021

Making your home feasible by working on the backyard, the exterior walls, and the deck is one easy task. However, to keep your new home safe from burglars is one anthill of a task given that they can strike anytime, even when you have someone to watch your home. 

One way of keeping your home safe is to reach out to locksmith Hampton, Victoria, to repair and secure your doors. Here are more tips you can apply to ensure your home is always safe.

1. Keep your doors safe 

If you want to keep your home safe from burglars, you should stop them from strolling to the front door. Most burglars will stroll through the front door when attacking your home. Therefore, to keep your home safe, you should make sure the door hinges are protected and the door frames strong. Ensure the door has a mail slot that is not easy to reach and unlock.

Another tip is to change your locks if you are moving to a new home. There are people out there with keys to unlock your door, and changing the locks is the best you can do to keep safe.

2. Ensure ample outdoor lighting 

Another way of keeping burglars away from your home is to light up the entire landscape. Ensure you have ample outdoor lighting along the front and back yards, close to the garage, along the pathways, and all outdoor structures.

When you have proper outdoor lighting, you reduce the risk of stumble when you walk at night and keep criminals and burglars away.

3. Install a security system

In this world of advanced technology, if you live in an insecure neighborhood, you should have a reliable security system installed in your home. Look for a security system that comes with home automation or a simple DIY system.

You can reach out to your local locksmith company for the best security system based on your budget. Always choose a security system that meets the security needs of your new home.

4. Lock the Wi-Fi network 

If you’re using a Wi-Fi network and home automation, you put your home at risk of a break-in. Having a wireless network at home gives criminals and hackers a doorway to your home.

They can easily access your financial information, and worse, if the security system is connected to the network, burglars can easily find their way to your home. Apart from locking your Wi-Fi network, you can secure the router, use a reliable firewall, and hide your network from the public domain.

5. Remove all hiding places 

When you have trees and shrubs in your compound, you give burglars a perfect place to hide. Plants make your home look beautiful, but you should avoid having them close to your house.

You can trim trees and shrubs that are close to your home that burglars can use to hide. If you have any trees growing close to the windows and doors, you should eliminate them.

If you want to keep your home safe, ensure your doors and windows have quality locks. Install a security system, keep a dog, and if you can, lock your gates and outdoor buildings to keep burglars away.