5 ways to revive a bathroom

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Image courtesy of Caroma.


A renovated and stylish bathroom will increase the resale value of a house more than spending the equivalent amount of money anywhere else in the home. $20,000 properly spent on a reviving a bathroom instead of a bedroom or lounge will net you a lot more buyer interest, and a much higher asking price if you're looking to sell. If you do it right, you can even expect to get twice as much back as what you've invested.

Remodelling your bathroom doesn't have to take weeks or cost tens of thousands of dollars either. Sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint or a well-placed mirror to open a bathroom up. Be aware that any renovation work might tie up the bathroom for a few days; and if that's the case, you may need to make alternative bathroom arrangements. You should also consider whether the job is something you will need a professional for, or if it’s something you can manage yourself. You can save a great deal by handling your own redecorating, but for many tasks you're required by law to hire qualified tradespeople.


Here are a few simple ideas to add a bit of depth and dimension to an existing bathroom.


Choose a new colour palette

Changing the colour scheme in your bathroom can turn it into a whole new place. How much it costs to do so will depend on how radically you want to change things. If your plans involve extensive re-tiling or you want to replace the entire vanity unit to match, you'll definitely see a big difference but you'll also pay for the privilege. A new shade of paint is a very effective and relatively inexpensive way to recolour your bathroom. Other ideas include changing your shower curtain, or decorating with a feature wall.


Change your fittings

Changing around the taps, spouts and other fittings like towel rails in your bathroom can have a surprisingly significant effect on how your bathroom looks. Moving from outdated fittings to more modern, sleek designs can give your bathroom as much of a facelift as replacing the bath can in some circumstances. Why not try for a different finish such as brushed nickel or polished brass? How might a new heated towel rack look?


Rethink the lighting

Most bathrooms have only a single light source, which radiates from the middle of the ceiling. Installing several light fittings as task lighting in various key points will give your bathroom an entirely different feel. You may also be able to change how the lighting works by adding mirrors to reflect the existing light on different angles, opening up darker corners.


Buy new towels

It seems like a very simple change, but simply by purchasing a new set of towels, mats, face washers and a shower curtain will make your bathroom look fresher. These add as much to the colour scheme as the colour of your vanity unit, but are far easier to replace.


Update the main features

This is the heavy end of the stick budget-wise, but can change your bathroom completely. From updating your shower screen to a frameless model, to installing a whirlpool tub, to completely replacing the vanity, there are countless ways to give your bathroom a new look. You will need to consult and hire dependable professionals to do any major work, but if you're willing to learn about what's available and how things work you can save thousands.


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